25 People Share What They Did On The Computer Before The Internet!

Many of you may not remember what it was like to not have the internet. Before the internet was a widespread household thing we had to find different things to do on our home computer. Redditors answer what they did before the internet and it brings back some serious nostalgic memories. Check them out and comment with your answser in the comments.

1. – Kermit-Batman

I once spent five hours trying to connect to the internet, some weird chat app that came on the computer, (way before messenger!)

No one told me about phone lines, or connections, I honestly can’t remember much of what I tried, or why I wanted to try it…

Mum eventually got our 28.8kbps connection, and the world was mine, about a week later I bsod the computer, and it wasn’t like today, back the bsod meant something man! You got one, you knew you fucked up.

I know that doesn’t really answer the question, but things were fine before the internet, things have been better since, I believe people are generally smarter, (if they want to be,) and the world is much better off, if a little more jaded.

I also eventually got my chat room access, sometimes it’s humbling to think that I can speak to all of you, wherever you may be and ask one simple question, ASL?

2. –itsawindmill

Did anyone else have Mavis Beacon? My favorite game was the one that simulated driving. Every time you typed the wrong letter, a bug would smash on your windshield. Some times I would type frantically just to see the gore. Fun times.

3. –Autism_Tylr_Schaffer

Winter Games. M.U.D.s Ultima II

Copied mad floppies.

I had more games for my Commodore 64 than anyone because I had two drives. I would entice kids over to my house to play games with the offer of free copies, as long as they brought all of their games with. Blank floppies were pretty cheap.

What did I do with my computer before the internet?


4. –CosmicT

Amongst other things, there was a VERY cool game called AZTEC, basically a side scroller, that I used to play on my total whizbang 10″ amber screen. Lode runner was also totally cool. And NEVER FORGET that genius game, Rogue. Excuse me, now, the nurse tells me I have to empty my colostomy bag.

5. –whorerrible

My brother had this folder that was full of fun little games. Once he moved the folder and I was so desperate to find it and play but ended up discovering his collection of x-rated games. Good times.

6. –zepressed

The more games you had, cooler you were. I got an icon pack from some guy, so I’ve created a bunch of empty files on my desktop and used those icons to create fake shortcuts to my impressive ‘collection’ of games… As you might have guessed it didn’t take long to get busted when someone asked to launch one of the games.

7. –626c6f775f6d65

I learned networking by connecting two computers together and getting them to play chess against each other. I thought I was so hacker badass when I got it to work. Not so much, no, but I did get a good grasp of basics. Now we have 12-year-olds using scripts they download off the internet wreaking havoc on their school networks who couldn’t do that.

8. –626c6f775f6d65

I thought I was a badass programmer.


Using 5.25″ floppies. Had hundreds of em with thousands of little programs I wrote. Some were not so little–a few thousand lines, so nothing by today’s standards–and some were fairly sophisticated for a 12 year old, but most of them were largely garbage just trying out different commands and seeing what I could get the computer to do.

My grandfather was so impressed he bought me a PCjr to replace my Commodore 64. I was in heaven. He (and I) was convinced I was going to be a rich software developer.

Well, no. But I did have a lot of fun. Until high school, when I was just a nerd and the weird kid who could fix the computers in the lab.

Moral of the story is don’t give up on your dreams due to bullshit social pressures, kids. If I’d stuck with it at that crucial juncture between the last couple of years of high school and the first couple of years of college I probably would have been that rich software developer my grandfather thought I would be.

9. – rangemaster

Let’s see, on my first computer, a 486 running windows 3.11/DOS with no internet:

I had several kid games like reader rabbit, basically the games my school let us play, and my parents liked,and the Children’s publishing program, and a few others, like this mystery program that focused on two twins a boy and a girl.

Spent many hours just screwing with all the business software a kid has no reason to be on.

At some point, I got a CD full of a couple thousand shareware games, and conned my parents into buying me a joystick because I knew it came with a copy of Duke Nukem 3d.

10. –sarasmithma

Oregon Trail. My only access to a computer was at school and the days we went to the computer lab were always a joy.

11. –Harpers_Bizarre

Does anybody remember Encarta? I would play that mind maze game all the time. It was like millennials introduction to Trivial Pursuit.


Learned Basic and 6502 assembly language on an Ohio Scientific computer. Programmed some games, did some word processing to write high school papers. Then got a Commodore 64, programmed games, played games. Wrote programs that displayed fractals, took hours to run but was satisfying. Went to engineering school, learned Unix, and my next pc was OS/2 operating system. By this time, hello Internet. Now I’m CTO at an e-commerce company. I use MacBook Pro laptops, our servers run Ubuntu. My son, 9, knows more languages than I do now, haha.

13. –ActuallyIsJadeOwen

Spooky Castle. Jazz jack rabbit 2. Sim copter. Rollercoaster tycoon 1-2. Zoo tycoon 1-2. Some hunting game that was really good for its time. Tonic trouble. Dig dug. Need for speed 3.

14 –Demello

Man this game was called Key I think. You were a little yellow ball and you had to beat levels by getting to the keys. It was an awesome puzzle game. That and making spiderman cartoons on this weird spiderman cartoon maker game.

15. –libbyrocks

Freecell. So much Freecell.

Also, Bicycle Cribbage, Kings Quest IV, Under A Killing Moon, and The Seventh Guest.

And way back in the day, whatever that pixelated game with the snake that gets ever longer and you can’t overlap yourself was called.

16. –6791b

The Sims, Simcity, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, and Encarta! I also had a pretty freaking sweet Barbie game where you could design her makeup and outfits PRINT THEM OUT ON FABRIC PAPER and then make outfits for your Barbie.

I can’t communicate how freaking slow and how freaking awesome that Barbie game was. Usually did all this while my friends and I clandestinely watched Xena: Warrior Princess. Xena was not allowed at any of my friend’s houses because Xena was a lesbian, but my parents didn’t give a shit. #memories

17. –Cismonova

I used my dad’s scanner to transfer pages of various comics into Paint. I then edited the speech bubbles to completely change the plot. It was awesome, I still have a few printed ones I believe.

18. –CaptainStarshine

This one game with two gorillas standing on skyscrapers throwing explosive bananas at each other…. You had to figure out the velocity and such of each throw.

Lode fucking runner. The one with bombs and such.

19. –Sqrlchez


Putt putt

Pajama sam

Freddie fish


Carmen san diego

Tonka construction 2

Tonka search and rescue 2

Now I wanna go back and beat these games. They were fun. Maybe I’ll just watch them on youtube.

20. –Dracon_Pyrothayan

Tank Wars, Lemmings, Heroes of Might and Magic II, Might and Magic 4, and one Super Mario game with a really stupid minigame for going back in time…

21. –rhymes_with_chicken

I my dad bought our first computer in 1980. I was 12. I watched him write a program in basic that plotted stock prices and overlay a moving average on it. He got up every day and put in the previous day’s closing numbers in. I thought that was pretty cool.

I made it count, which is nice. So I got that goin for me.

10 x=1 20 x=x+1 30 print x 40 goto 10

22. –joegenda

We got our first computer when I was informed grade 8 and I use to play solitaire and shit non stop. Then someone gave me my own old PC that I could use for typing and stuff. Flash ahead a couple more months and all I did was draw on MS paint and write pornographic stories about girl I had a crush on… Not my proudest moment

23. –Alarmed_Ferret

Pool.exe was the only game my dad had on his computer when i was 4. This led me to believe that every .exe file was a game. Bad times were had.

24. –s317sv17vnv

I’d either write short stories, doodle on MS Paint, or play Oregon Trail at school. Actually I guess I started out as a PC gamer with some of those other educational games, then I got into simulation games like Rollercoaster Tycoon and The Sims in the early 2000s

25. –MadModderX

Late nineties: A lot of demo CDs, centipede, basic programming, Mario teaches typing, Mario travels through time, eagle eye detective Early nineties: commando, a knockoff super Mario for commadore 64,