We love a bit of retro in our lives, and as 80s kids ourselves, we love things that take us straight back to our childhood and formative years of growing up! As such, we’ve done the leg work for you, finding some amazing retro goodness that you can buy right now, so without further ado check out these amazing products that will take you back in time….

1. Old style bell alarm clock

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The old style alarm clock that takes you back to those school days where you’d wake up and think, “Just 5 more minutes…”

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2. Polka Dot Cups and Saucers

These look the business and are proper retro designed, these would look great in any kitchen, no matter how modern the design!

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3. Record Turntable

This has built in speakers so does everything in one, and vinyl is making a massive comeback at the moment so this is the perfect time to invest in a new record player!

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4. VHS Converter

We all have old VHS tapes lying around and never use them, but if you’re anything like me then there are a few bits on the tapes that you would love to be able to watch easily. Grab one of these and convert VHS to digital on your PC so you can watch it anytime!

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5. Bigfoot Toy

Bigfoot was one of the defining vehicles of the 1980s so relive those moments with this cool toy that would look good on any shelf!

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6. Rubik’s Cube

This one really hasn’t changed at all and is one of the classic toys and puzzles from the 80s, did you ever crack it? If not, grab one today and give it a go!

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7. Pub Snacks

Check these bad boys out! Frazzles, Scampi Fries, Bacon Fries! It takes me back to the hot summer days when I’d join my dad at the pub, he’d have a pint, I’d have a Britvic 55 with ice and a packet of one of these! Nostalgia never tasted so good!

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8. Koosh Balls

These things just feel so unique and are great for a game of catch and also used as a stress reliever! These really take us back to our school ground days!

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9. Lava Lamp

One of the ultimate items of any 80s bedroom, a lava lamp is a great gadget to have and every one of them gives off a totally unique and different mesmerising dance of colour!

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10. Heart-shaped Sunglasses

These still look great and come in a variety of designs and colours. Are you brave enough to try and pull off wearing these beauties?

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11. Space Invaders Mini Arcade Game

Relive those hours that were spent on your old Atari or Colecovision, or even down at the local arcade playing Space Invaders!

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12. Pac-Man Ghost Light

Any fan of old video games needs something like this, the classic Pac-Man ghost and you can even change the colour he lights up to your favourite!

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13. Retro Utensils Holder

Again this will look great in any kitchen and can blend in regardless of the colour scheme you already have, this looks just like the kind of thing my mum used to have on the kitchen sides when I was growing up!

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14. Retro-style Food Mixer

Every household had one of these in them growing up, and they all looked pretty much the same so it’s great to see some companies haven’t updated their designs too much!

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15. Old-fashioned Pencil Sharpener

Did anyone else used to make an excuse to need to sharpen their pencil at school just so that they could use their teacher’s cool pencil sharpener? Now you can have one of your own!

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16. Walkman-style headphones

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They may be up to date in that they are wireless, but these are the same kind of design that we used to see Walkman owners with, right down to the orange foam!

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17. Old-style landline phone

Look at this beauty, taking me straight back to the phones with the turning dial which I always struggled to use properly! This looks the business and would make any home look retro!

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18. Headbands and Sweatbands

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The ultimate gym accessory! If you order these and go to the gym with them to look ultimately retro, then we urge you to please put a photo for us in the comments!

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19. Soda Stream

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Soda Streams look a bit different now but they haven’t really changed in how they work and what they do, and making your own fizzy drinks always seemed better somehow than buying them!

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20. NES Mini

One of the best selling games consoles of all time and one of the ones that truly defined video games in the 80s, you can now pick up a miniature one with 30 installed games that plays on any TV with HDMI! Need I say more?

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21. Scratch ‘n’ Sniff Stickers

These were all the rage for a while in the 80s and now you can relive those moments of trying out every different sticker and every different smell! Which is your favourite?

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22. Novelty Erasers

People used to go mad for these, collecting dozens and dozens of them so they had a different one for every day of school term if need be! Now you can do the same!

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23. Mr. Frosty

This guy needs no introduction at all! Put in the ice, push down his hat, turn the handle, add some flavour and voila, your own slush drinks!

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24. Casio Keyboard

These were a massive thing in the 80s, if you didn’t have one then I can pretty much guarantee you knew someone who did! If you didn’t, well now’s your chance!

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25. Stretch Armstrong

Who’d have thought old Stretch would be ready for a comeback? But here he is in his stretchy glory! The ultimate stress relieving toy!

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So how many of these are you going to invest in? How many do you still have tucked away from when you were an 80s kid? Are there any other retro items you think we should include if we do another list? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments as always!