The 25 Greatest Happy Meal Toys Of The ’80s

We will never forget how awesome it was to get one of these toys with your Happy Meal.  It was reason why we wanted to eat this food at all!  Here is a list of the best ones that McDonald’s had to offer  and chances are, you had one more than one of these!

1. Tinosaurs (1986).

These cute little creatures were unique to Happy Meals. A completely original toy not affiliated with a TV show or movie.

2. Popoids (1984).

These had bendable limbs that you had fun posing.

3. Ronald McDonald Cloth Doll (1984).

Everyone knew who this clown was and really wanted this toy!

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4. Halloween Pails (1985).

We loved these! Perfect for holding candy and toys.

5. Mickey’s Birthdayland Race Cars.

In honor of Mickey’s 60th birthday, these pullback racers were released for us to enjoy.

6. Stompers 4X4 (1986).

These were battery powered vehicles that we used crash into the walls in the house and jump dirt piles outside.

7. Cinderella’s Jaq and Gus Plush Christmas Ornaments (1987).

These were great characters to put on your Christmas tree.

8. Astrosniks (1984).

These green aliens were adorable!

9. Hot Wheels (1983).

Getting a free hot wheel with your Happy Meal was the best feeling ever!

10. Playmobil Figures (1982).

Collecting all these characters was so much fun.

11. Fry Kids.

These fries made you hungry for more.

12. Kissyfur (1987).

These were based on the cartoon.

13. Bambi Figurines (1988).

This was a wonderful movie and owning one of these characters was a real treat.

14. Berenstain Bears (1986).

These were great books that came to life in your Happy Meal.

15. McDonald’s Pullback Race Cars (1985).

We just couldn’t get enough cars in the 80s!

16. Ducktales Figures (1988).

Every toy was unique and special.

17. Garfield Vehicles.

We loved Garfield and so having these was perfect!

18. Mac Tonight “Moon Man” Figures (1988).

We loved the commercials and now we loved the toys.

19. Oliver & Company (1988).

This was based on the movie and we couldn’t wait to get them all.

20. Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers Cars (1989).

These characters were so cool and  we loved their vehicles!

21. McNugget Buddies (1988).

Bringing life to the food that we ate there was weird but we loved it anyway.

22. The Little Mermaid.

Every little girl wanted this entire set.

23. Fraggle Rock (1988).

These adorable characters were a great TV show and now a great toy.

24. Muppet Babies (1987).

We all watched the cartoon and now we wanted every character for ourselves.

25. Changeables (1987).

These transforming foods were fun to play with.