One of the most difficult part of a driving test is the parking. I remember trying to practice reverse parking so many times it drove my instructor mad.

Although the following 24 people have passed their test, they have clearly forgotten how to park already. Either that or they are just super lazy. Instead of just letting them get away with it, these people needed to be taught a lesson.

1. Get out of that one!


These bins clearly state ‘no parking,’ so whoever decided to flaunt these rules got their comeuppance well and truly! Absolutely rubbish parking. Get it…rubbish. I think I’ll bin that one.

2. When needs must.


Shall we move the car to get this pipe through? Naa, just put it through the window? Well shouldn’t we at least open – SMASH. Ok maybe not.

3. They must be so proud.


If you want to tell somebody that they have shit parking, you may as well go all out and do it in style. This person as received a ‘shit parking award’ and the giver of this award wanted to let everyone know! Good job.

4. Just give it a shove.


If there is another car that’s stopping you from parking – no problem, just give that car a little shove out of the way and you’ll be right in there! Get in.

5. More excellent use of bins.


Yes, it seems that if you really want to make someone aware of how annoying their parking is, just put a few bins around the car. That will teach them the biggest lesson.

6. Oh you must have missed the line.


So what happens if the council just happen to be painting parking space lines the day that you’re parked, well, slightly over the line in which they want to paint? Well they will just paint it over you of course.

7. Yes that is purple house paint.

Yes, that’s ordinary house paint he’s using to paint his car. We’re not sure you’re supposed to do that, but this guy doesn’t seem to give a care in the world.

8. The benefits of having a convertible.


Parked in a tight spot and worried your doors will hit a car either side? Well grab yourself a convertible and you can escape through the top instead.

9. OK so this is a little OTT.


I guess whoever didn’t want them to park here REALLY didn’t want them to park here. So much so that they’ve just taken out the entire front end of their car.

10. Luckily a bike can fit in almost any spot.


This biker has definitely shown that they are displeased with this car parking in the motorbike spot. Now unless this guy can get out forwards, we think he’s in for a bit of a telling off by the biker.

11. Someone clearly needs their own spot.


We think someone has a sarcastic sense of humour after seeing this greedy attempt at parking. It’s lucky they had some spare chalk lying around.

12. I need to carry some of these to reward bad parkers.


We definitely need some of these printing out as stickers so that we can go all vigilante and shame bad drivers everywhere. You shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it!

13. Unfortunately the truck could probably just drive over that car.


Why follow the crowd and park facing forwards? Park sideways. Everyone will marvel at how different you are and how amazing you are…not. They will just think you’re a massive douche.

14. Don’t park badly near a construction site.


Don’t mess with construction workers! You may think you can get away with it because you’re in a car that’s barely a car, but no parking means no parking!

15. The old fish in the door handle routine.


Ahh yes if you’re annoyed with someone about their parking and would like to let them know subtly, you could always put a fish in their door handle. We really do feel sorry for the fish here.

16. All wrapped up.


And if a fish doesn’t work, you can always just wrap the car in clingfilm! This will take a bit more time removing than a single fish.

17. Luckily there was a fork lift truck on hand.


We’re not sure if this forklift is responsible for putting this car on top of the cage, or if they’re helping to get it down off the cage. Either way, we shouldn’t be parking our cars on cages because that is just silly.

18. If you park in a disabled spot you get this badge.


Park in a disabled spot but don’t have a badge to prove it? Never fear, this guy will helpfully spray one on your car for you so you never have to worry about displaying it again.

19. Congratulations on some amazing parking.


Ahh the chalk-meister strikes again! Here the message is less tongue-in-cheek and more straight to the point.

20. This must have taken some real doing but worth the effort.


We thought they were supposed to get smaller in the cold, not bigger. I guess this picture just proves us wrong. Very impressive work.

21. The passive aggressive letter.


No chalk this time, just this beautifully worded, passive-aggressive letter about how they tried to park in the space but couldn’t. We applaud your efforts.

22. When your friends work at the supermarket.


Where does it start and where does it end? We’re not sure, but the owner of this vehicle is going to get quite the shock when they get back from the stores.

23. He is parking no matter what.


It doesn’t if you’re taking up two spots, I’m going to park here if it’s the last thing I do! Well, knowing how some people are, it might very will be the last thing you do.

24. Get up on that curb.


Again, just because you have a fancy car and don’t want it dinting,! You are jerks and people like this here need to show you that you are. Terrible, terrible people.