23 Things That Scared The Crap Out Of All 80s Kids!

These were the moments that really scared us as kids because we absolutely couldn’t believe what we were seeing! I suppose that the world assumed that we could handle watching such things but even now, these are hard to watch. In fact, you probably even had some nightmares over these moments. Take a look:

1. Judge Doom actually kills this poor little shoe!

This was the worst!

2. The ghost in the library.

This was one of those moments that made your realize what being terrified was all about.

3. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

The illustrations freaked you out the most!

4. Large Marge.

This comes from the movie ‘Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure’ and it was completely unexpected and frightening!

5. Reverend Kane.

Poltergeist II: The Other Side was scary for one reason. THIS GUY!

6. The Great Owl.

You were sure if he was going to eat her or not!

7. Why Kate doesn’t celebrate Christmas.

Don’t watch if you can’t handle it!

8. Superman III.

When Vera opens her eyes and she is a cyborg.

9. Gmork.

This is the most terrifying moment of ‘The NeverEnding Story’.

10. The Red Room Riddle.

This was all about a creepy old house. Don’t go in there!

11. The Red Bull.

He tried to get ‘The Last Unicorn!’

12. The Supreme Leader.

Her 3D claws in this movie, ‘Captain EO’ was enough to freak you out!

13. Beetlejuice.

Everything about him put you in a terrified state of mind.

14. Thriller.

This was more than just a video and seeing Michael Jackson turn into a werewolf was horrifying!

15. The Lord of Darkness.

If the Devil is real, this is what he looks like in ‘Legend’.

16. When the emperor of Skeksis dies.

Another creepy moment of this film ‘The Dark Crystal’.

17. When his face melts.

Watching this scene in ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’. will always haunt us.

18. Boys in ‘Little Monsters’.

Not sure who thought this guy up but it was horrifying!

19. Mr. Boodedy.

We’ve been hearing about the Boogedy man for years. It made it worse to actuall see him.

20. Chucky.

There is nothing more frightening than a doll that will kill you!

21. Return to OZ.

The Wheelers will give you nightmares every time!

22. The Perils of Punky.

This Halloween episode of Punky Brewster will still freak you out!

23. The music from ‘Unsolved Mysteries’.

They did a great job with this music. It was creepy!