23 Things That Made 80s Kids Crap In Their Pants

Childhood entertainment took a dark turn in the 80s with moments that were so terrifying that it’s hard to watch or look at to this day.  These are the moments that gave us nightmares! The 80s definitely pushed the envelope of this gentle genre to include these frightening things that you are about to relive.  Of course, kids used to read plenty of books back in the day which had some awfully scary stuff in them as well.  Perhaps these movies assumed that we could handle it but even now, these scenes don’t settle with us well. Take a look and see if you can remember being scared to death by these things:

1. Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

When the shoe gets an acid bath by Judge Doom and it kills him.

2. Ghostbusters.

This unexpected transformation from a sweet ghostly old lady into this hideous creature was pretty intense!

3. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

This book had some pretty disturbing illustrations that would give nightmares to anyone.

4. Pee-wee’s Big Adventure.

Large Marge the truck driver changes into this! Ahhhh!

5. Poltergeist II: The Other Side.

When Reverend Kane was at the door yelling to be let in.

6. The Secret of NIMH.

The Great Owl was not only huge and ancient but don’t owls eat mice?

7. Gremlins.

When Kate explains why she doesn’t celebrate Christmas.

8. Superman II.

When Vera is transformed into a cyborg.

9. The Never EndingStory.

When Gmork comes out of the dark cave and his eyes were glowing like evil before he attacks.

10. ABC Weekend Specials’ “The Red Room Riddle”.

This house was haunted by the ghost of a dead boy and his dog. Don’t go in there!

11. The Last Unicorn.

All the other unicorns were chased into the ocean by this flaming red bull.  When he came after the Last Unicorn, it was terrifying.

12. Captain EO.

She was sure to reach out and get you with her claws.

13. Beetlejuice.

This movie was full of frightful images of the afterlife.

14. Thriller.

When Michael Jackson transforms into a werewolf in this video.

15. Legend.

The Lord of Darkness is exactly what you would imagine the devil looking like.

16. The Dark Crystal.

When the emperor of Skeksis dies in this most traumatic ways.

17. Raiders of the Lost Ark.

This face melting scene was horrible to watch. Especially when his glasses had no more face to keep them in place.

18. Little Monsters.

This character, Boy, was really creepy for a kid’s movie.

19. Mr. Boogedy.

This guy has been scaring children for years through the magic of storytelling  and to see him materialize on this Disney Sunday Movie was too much to take.

20. Child’s Play.

Chucky made me never want to own another doll again!  I still can’t watch this.

21. Return to Oz.

The Wheelers and yes, the whole movie was pretty crazy.

22. The Perils of Punky.

This Halloween Episode has Punky lost on a camping trip and thus begins this horrible dream about this giant spider and even seeing her friends and family die!

23. Unsolved Mysteries.

The theme music for this show was scary to begin with and the show made us all think that we were going to be kidnapped or murdered because it apparently happens all the time!