People who shop at Aldi don’t need telling just how great the discount supermarket chain truly is. But unlike Tesco, Morrisons and any of the other mainstream grocery brands out there, Aldi has its own little quirks that only regular customers will truly recognise. Check out these 21 tweets below that only people who shop at Aldi will understand – you’ll be itching to get your food shop done in no time. Enjoy!

First of all, anyone who has only been to Aldi even once will know just how insanely fast the cashiers are when it comes to scanning your food…

21. We can all sympathise with this feeling:

20. Sometimes you just want to tell the cashier to calm down

19. This guy rightly pointed out that Aldi customers haven’t evolved to pack their shopping that quickly

18. And this guy is just winning at life, living the Aldi dream:

Regular visitors to Aldi will know all about the random aisle in the middle of the shop that sells the maddest stuff, from thermal hiking gear to portable air conditioners. It’s a dangerous place – you can go in only needing a loaf of bread and come out with some camping gear instead.

17. The Aldi middle aisle is like a black hole full of the weirdest products on the planet

16. But many customers appreciate just how much variety there is each week

15. It’s easy to come out clutching four or five things you just didn’t need:

14. But one Twitter user came up with a very sobering thought:

Aldi has some excellent produce on display but sometimes it can be a bit limiting, especially if you need slightly more exotic ingredients for your weekly shop. And if you’re a vegetarian then some of Aldi’s products can be (hilariously) limiting!

13. This guy was bemused to find out that his local Aldi’s ‘vegetarian’ section was entirely made up of garlic bread

12. And the new Aldi veggie/vegan line hasn’t gone down that well with some people

11. Some Twitter users are still suspicious about the new range of veggie products

10. But others are fully embracing the vegetarian line

There’s always one thing that you need to remember when you’re about to go for a big shop at Aldi. You need to have your coin ready for your shopping trolley, of course! It turns out that there’s plenty of issues surrounding the Aldi trolley coin that we had never thought about before…

9. This lady has made the transition from young adult to fully-fledged grown-up

8. This Aldi customer is an absolute hero when it comes to his shopping cart

7. And some people just leave their coin behind to feel like an absolute gangsta:

6. The best feeling in the world though is when you remember a coin AND your reusable bags. Winning.

But what’s the number one reason why we all go to Aldi? Because it’s just so cheap. Regular Aldi shoppers will definitely sympathise with these last few tweets…

5. It’s fairly easy to hibernate for the winter if you shop at Aldi

4. Most customers aren’t too bothered about getting the ‘off-brand’ stuff either

3. Aldi is like paradise for students

2. The good thing is that the booze is cheap too

1. And any parents out there who are trying to save some money, you might want to use this sneaky trick: