Secrets About Roxanne Pallett

Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallett has been hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons lately. She has been vilified following her appearance in this year’s Celebrity Big Brother after wrongly accusing Corrie actor Ryan Thomas of punching her.

Her actions were inexcusable…

In what is now being labelled ‘Punchgate’ by the British press, Pallett claimed that Thomas had “punched me like a boxer would punch a bag” during an innocent play fight which was caught on camera.

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Viewers quickly leapt to Thomas’ defence and Pallett has since apologised for what she called an ‘over-reaction’ to Thomas simply messing around.

Crocodile tears??

Pallett is probably best known for her role as Jo Stiles on Emmerdale from 2005 to 2008. She garnered acclaim for her domestic abuse storyline and won several awards for her acting, but since then her career has stuttered.

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She was no stranger to reality TV before her infamous appearance on CBB, having already starred on Strictly Come Dancing and Bear Grylls’ Celebrity Island.

All glammed up…

As some people might have already guessed, the actress is quite a character (to say the least) and in the article below, we’ve brought you 21 things you didn’t know about the Emmerdale alum. Enjoy!

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21. She credits Rob Lowe with saving her acting career

As some people might have already guessed, the actress is quite a character (to say the least) and in the article below, we’ve brought you 21 things you didn’t know about the Emmerdale alum. Enjoy!

Slightly revealing white dress…

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Emmerdale actress Roxanne has credited a very unlikely source with saving her acting career back when she was just starting out. Apparently, Hollywood actor and ‘Brat Pack’ member Rob Lowe spoke to her about resisting the urge to quit.

Her younger years…

Pallett revealed that at one point during her early career, she didn’t manage to find any acting jobs for almost a year.

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She attended a book reading by actor Lowe and spoke to him at the end of the session about how she was struggling to find work.

Think she might sturggle again…

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Apparently, Lowe told her about his own career low points and reassured her that all actors experience a lull at some point.

20. She doesn’t drink alcohol

Fans of the actress might not be aware that Roxanne is actually a tee-totaller.

Coffee to go…

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She doesn’t drink alcohol and once admitted in an interview that she will accept a glass of champagne on special occasions to be polite, before hiding it behind a plant pot and ordering lemonade instead.

Just the one glass…

Pallett first quit the booze nine years ago at the age of 26, after deciding that it just wasn’t for her:

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“I don’t like the taste of alcohol and I don’t like how it makes me feel, so when I was 26 I made a brave choice to go against the grain with my peers. I haven’t drunk since.”

Credit where creits due…

CBB viewers falsely accused Roxanne of drinking wine before the infamous ‘Punchgate’ occurred, but producers were quick to point out that the actress’ glass was filled with Diet Coke, not wine.

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19. House fire at the age of 16

Pallett experienced a devastating personal loss at the age of 16 years old, when her childhood home was destroyed along with all of her belongings.


A challaging event for any child…

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The incident affected her so deeply that she still suffers flashbacks from the event.


Pallett was a contestant on 2018’s Bear Grylls’ Celebrity Island but left the show after five days because she claimed that the smell of the bonfires was triggering flashbacks from the house fire.

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A spokesperson for the actress later confirmed the decision to leave: “Roxanne, her grandmother and mum were involved in a house fire in the middle of the night, when she was 16.

An early exit…

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“Roxanne suffered smoke inhalation and her mum was hospitalised for months as she lost her sight, this later returned after lengthy medical care.”

18. She has two tattoos dedicated to the Rocky films

Pallett seems to be a massive fan of the Rocky movies because she has two tattoos devoted to the series!

A love of films…

She has inkings on her back with quotes from the film, which read as follows:

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“It ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.”

Sporting a Rocky dressing gown…

She was also once snapped at a beauty parlour wearing a Rocky hoody, so she must be a die hard fan of the franchise if she’s got Rocky-themed clothing and tattoos!

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However, there is also a more serious message behind the quotations.

Hidden messages…

Apparently, she got the tattoos done after weathering a relationship with a violent ex-partner and wanted the inkings to remind her to keep moving forward.

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17. She’s close friends with East 17 creator Tony Mortimer

Pallett is a singer as well as an actress, and apparently she’s really good friends with East 17 creator Tony Mortimer.

Tony Mortimer…

The pair first met when Pallett was a young actress trying to record music as well as pursue acting jobs.

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Mortimer was certainly a good connection to have back in the day – he has won an Ivor Novello award and sold over 20 million records worldwide.

He looks a lot different now…

Apparently the actress has described him as “a real friend who’s always there for advice.”

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Pallett made a lasting impression on the musical artist, who described her as ”both beautiful and talented”.

Also a musician…

They wrote music together and since then Pallett and Mortimer have remained good friends.

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16. A serious car crash in North Yorkshire

Pallett was recently involved in a major crash whilst filming a segment for Minister FM Radio at Hunmanby Raceway, North Yorkshire.

A strange accident…

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The actress was driving an F2 Outlaw Stock Car when the vehicle crashed into a barrier at just under 40mph.

Who knew she could race cars…

Despite the relatively low speed of travel, Roxanne had to be cut out of the car by firefighters and was later airlifted to hospital.

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Luckily she only received minor injuries from the incident, including 2 sprained wrists and bruising on her face.

A sprained wrist…

It was a close call for the actress though, who crashed straight into the concrete wall after trying to overtake a fellow racer: “She lost consciousness for about 30 seconds on impact. Fortunately, she was wearing a helmet and race gear.”

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15. She once helped an old lady pay for her food shopping

For those who beleive in karma, maybe this kind of act will see her through the next few months.

Maybe there is some good…

Pallett has already done a lot of charity work during her career and it seems as though she’s always willing to give a little extra to help out the needy.

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A charitable women…

Apparently, Pallett was queuing behind an old lady in a supermarket when the lady in question realised that she had lost her purse.

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Pallett quickly stepped in and paid for the woman’s shopping before looking after her own groceries.

Looking great on the beach…

Roxanne never gave the woman her name at the time, but fellow shoppers recognised the Eastenders actress and the old lady issued a public thank you for the act of kindness.

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14. She was romantically linked with Simon Webbe

Pallett briefly performed with British boyband Blue on their 2013 tour and it seems as though she quickly struck up a friendship with singer Simon Webbe.

Simon Webbe (Blue)

The pair were reunited when they both participated in the Strictly Come Dancing UK tour and romance rumours soon began to fly around.

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They were snapped by paparazzi at a club in Manchester looking very cosy, but Pallett’s rep later issued a statement saying that the pair are simply very good friends.


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However, we wouldn’t blame Webbe if his head had been turned by the actress…


Roxanne famously appeared in a very revealing skin-tight leotard for her performance with Blue; she joined them for the Leeds and Manchester stops of their UK tour and gyrated against Lee Ryan before the pair shared a kiss onstage.

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13. She doesn’t know the endings to a lot of famous films

Fans of the actress might not realise that despite her love of films (especially the Rocky trilogy!), Pallett has actually missed the endings of quite a few well-known movies in her time.

Attention span…

It seems like a strange fact, but the actress has admitted this on a few occasions.

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That’s because when she was growing up, her family had a battery-run television

Battery run television…

It would often run out half-way through a film and ruin her chances of seeing the end!

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She once stated in an interview: “We had a TV that ran off a battery when I was growing up.


“It would usually run out midway through a bloody movie, which then meant bedtime. So there’s a lot of films out there I still don’t know the endings of!”

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12. She changed the date of her own birthday

Roxanne Pallett was born on the 26th December 1982, but has since stopped celebrating her birthday on this date and instead prefers to have a party on June 5th instead.

Valid reason…

This is because she is too traumatised by the death of her best friend during the festive season to celebrate properly.

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Imagine the sorrow each Christmas. Devastating.

Very sad…

Pallett’s best friend Pamela Nobel committed suicide in December 2009.

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The actress has struggled to find happiness during the festive season.

Christmas was tainted…

“Christmas and birthdays are supposed to be happy occasions but, since Pam’s death, I haven’t been able to enjoy them. I still cry for my friend every day.”

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11. She’s scared of dogs

A pretty common fear! But you will see from the pcitures below that it is real.

Scary dog alert…

Apparently the actress has a massive fear of dogs and doesn’t like being around them at all (as you might be able to tell from the picture below!).

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She once had a harrowing ordeal on a train back to Manchester involving three thugs and their dogs which increased her fear even more.

The face of fear…

Pallett was travelling home and started to receive abuse from two men and a woman who were being drunk and aggressive.

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They eventually walked over to her table and sat next to her with two bull mastiffs in tow.

A scary experience…

Pallett began to panic and had to push her way past the thugs and their dogs – needless to say, she reported the incident and British Transport Police hunted down the perpetrators.

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10. She’s an ambassador for Eden Valley Hospice in Cumbria

Pallett carries out a lot of charity work in her hometown of Carlisle.

Helping out…

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So it’s really no surprise to learn that she’s actually an official ambassador for the Eden Valley Hospice in Cumbria.

For a good cause…

She has done a lot of work with the charity in the past and even participated in 2008’s Soapstar Superstar to try and win a whopping £50,000 for the hospice.

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Although she reached the last four, Pallett was knocked out of the competition by her ex-partner Richard Fleeshman.

Awarded for her participation…

However, despite the fact that she got knocked out of the TV competition, Pallett has still managed to raise over £70,000 for the hospice and is now working with similar charities in Manchester.

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9. Her first ever crush was Eddie from Baywatch

Roxanne proved herself to be a true child of the 80s after revealing that her first ever crush was Eddie Kramer from Baywatch.


I mean, wasn’t he many people’s first crush? Just look at him!

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Looking handsome…

We can’t really blame her – Eddie was a nice bit of eye candy back in the day and plenty of female viewers loved watching him run around in those iconic red trunks!

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There’s just something very irresistible about a lifeguard.

Older and even better…

For any fellow Eddie fans out there, here’s a photo of what he looks like today. Not bad! We certainly swoon over them!

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8. She spent all of her savings to hold on to her record deal

Naive or stupid?

Record deal…

Pallett once spent over a year co-creating a TV programme as part of her first record deal contract.

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However, thanks to a management conflict Pallett was left out of the final project and all her hard work went to waste.

Another conflict…

In response, Pallett sold all of her belongings and used her mother’s savings to buy a guitar, making sure to invest every penny into holding onto her record deal.

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This tenacity soon proved useful when it came to her acting career.

Singing her heart out…

Pallett’s strong-willed nature was noticed by a casting director who introduced Roxanne to her first agent. A couple of months later in 2005, Pallett was noticed by Emmerdale executives, who promptly asked her to audition for the role of Jo Stiles.

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7. Sexual harassment at work

She claims that a female co-star once told her not to report sexual harassment at work.

Another weird case…

Pallett claims to have had her fair share of #MeToo moments over the years. She once stated:

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“I’ve experienced several incidents of inappropriate comments and actions towards me in my career, both sexually and mentally.


I was told by a stage manager that he had masturbated over pictures of me.

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On another occasion I was groped by a crew member by the side of the stage.” However, Roxanne also said that when she tried to tell a female colleague about the abuse, she was promptly told to shut up.

Truth or not?

“I turned to an older actress for support and she actually told me sternly to ‘leave it’ and not cause a scene, so I felt very alone and almost like I was perceived as being oversensitive when my gut instinct told me otherwise.”

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6. She won ITV’S Celebrity Stars In Their Eyes

Pallett is something of an all-rounder and as well as acting, she’s also a talented singer.

Who is this?

As well as starring in Soapstar Superstar, Pallett was a contestant on ITV’s Celebrity Stars In Their Eyes in 2005.

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She signed a record contract before making it into the world of soap acting.

A star in some eyes…

She wowed audiences with her singing ability and managed to beat off the other contenders to make it to the final.

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The actress managed to win the competition as Gloria Estefan and sung ‘Anything For You’ as part of her final performance.

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5. She once dated Leicester City player Danny Simpson

Pallett has had her fair share of celebrity romances.

Danny Simpson in action…

She was with fellow soap actor Richard Fleeshman for six years from 2001 until 2007.

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However, she’s also hooked up with sports stars in the past and once had a relationship with Danny Simpson.

Off the field…

Simpson now plays for Leicester City. At the time he and Pallett were an item he was a right back for Manchester United.

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The couple dated from 2008 to 2009, but it seems as though Roxanne didn’t fancy life as a WAG and they eventually split.


However, things must have ended amicably for the couple because they have still remained good friends. Before dating Simpson she stated: “I’d rather be single and have work and family than be in a relationship where I’m unhappy. And if Mr. Right comes along, he’ll have to fit in.”

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4. She has a flower named after her

A peculiar achievement. How on earth do you have a flower named after you?


In 2007, Roxanne received the honour of having a species of red rose named after her.

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The hybrid was created to make a deep red colour and the gardener in charge of creating the flower decided to name it after Roxanne.

Roses are red violet’s are…

It must feel pretty special having a flower named after you.

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I guess you’d need a fairly appropriate name. Something like the ‘David’ probably wouldn’t work.


Cheshire-based growers C&K Jones named their star flower Rosa Roxanne Pallett and showed it at the 2007 Southport Flower Show.

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3. She once appeared in Dancing On Ice

Is there a reality TV show that this girl has not appeared on??

Dancing on thin ice…

Roxanne is certainly no stranger to reality TV.

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Back in 2006 she added yet another celebrity competition to her resume when she appeared in the fourth series of Dancing On Ice.

Looking fab…

Pallett was partnered with professional ice-skater Daniel Whiston, and managed to finish in fifth place out of a grand total of 13 celebrities.

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During her time on the show she was noted for her daring performances and willingness to take risks.

Risk taker…

In fact, she was the only female contestant in the 2006 version of the show to attempt the dangerous ‘Headbanger’ move.

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2. A Previous ‘Punchgate’ years earlier

One of her ex-co-stars claims that she was already involved in another ‘Punchgate’ years earlier.

Oh dear oh dear…

Roxanne has done her fair share of panto before.

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She once appeared in a December 2017 production of Jack and the Beanstalk at the Ipswich Regent. During that project she worked with Irish actor Connor Byrne (of Tracy Beaker fame).

Tracy Beaker…

Connor has claimed that Pallett tried to do exactly the same thing to him as she did with Ryan Thomas, stating: “She doesn’t care about anyone or any consequence, only herself.”

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Connor Bryne…

After watching the CBB incident, he then wrote on his Twitter account:”Carbon copy of my encounter. A horrible moment in my life. But even more, a horrible blow to those who need to be believed. So much good can be undone by such solipsism.”

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1. She’s never met her father

Roxanne is known for her dark hair and exotic looks. These have apparently been passed down to her by her Iranian father.

Her and her mum…

However, the actress has never met her father after he walked out on the family when she was only a few days old.

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Such a shame.

And again…

Instead Roxanne has been raised by her mother Monica and her grandmother.

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She has often spoken highly about her family and the paparazzi have snapped her out and about with her mum several times.

Mummy’s Girl

Now that we’ve taken a look at the ex Emmerdale actress, why not keep scrolling through the article read five quick facts about Corrie actor Ryan Thomas?

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Ryan Thomas…

5. He became a father for the first time at the age of 24

Ryan has become a household name thanks to the scandal so we’ve put together a few things you might not have known about the actor.

What a gent…

Thomas became a father at the age of 24 years old after having a baby with his ex-girlfriend Tina O’Brien.

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Tina gave birth to their daughter, Scarlett Jacqueline Thomas, on 26th October 2008.


Sadly things didn’t last for the couple, who first met when they both worked on Coronation Street together.

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They were together from 2003 to 2009, with Thomas even playing O’Brien’s on-screen husband.

On-screen husband…

Since the split, Thomas has gone on to find love with TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh – they met on an episode of Bear Grylls’ Celebrity Island in 2017 and have been together ever since.

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4. His high school nickname was ‘Lister’

Ryan Thomas is a bit of a heartthrob these days – he plays builder Jason Grimshaw on Coronation Street

Coronation Street…

He was originally cast after ITV producers decided they needed a few more ‘good looking boys’ on the show.

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Craig Charles…

However, Thomas hasn’t always been a looker and as a young man, he used to bear an unfortunate resemblance to Craig Charles (who later appeared on Coronation Street!).

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Good looking chap…

Thomas’ nickname was ‘Lister’ in high school thanks to his resemblance to Charles’ Red Dwarf character Dave Lister.

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3. He’s the older brother of Adam Thomas and Scott Thomas

Ryan isn’t the only celebrity in his family – he’s got two younger brothers who are both stars in their own right.

Little family…

Adam is a fellow actor and has had lead roles in both Emmerdale and Waterloo Road, whilst Scott is a club promoter who appeared in 2016’s Love Island.

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Here they are…

The trio are very close to one another and often feature in each other’s social media feeds out and about in Manchester.

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Scott once said that he couldn’t be a soap actor like his siblings because he’s just not got any natural acting ability!

“I’ve always been drawn to TV but I’m not a very good actor, that’s the problem! I joined a modelling agency and they started putting me into acting auditions and I was awful. I was so bad.” Aww!

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2. Ryan is now a proud uncle

Speaking of Ryan’s family, he became an uncle to his brother Adam’s son Teddy in September 2014.

It’s a family affair…

After Adam’s girlfriend Caroline Daly gave birth to their first child.

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Photos of the family were featured in OK! magazine…


and since then Adam has revealed that Caroline is pregnant with their second child.

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Take a look at some of his family snaps.

So cute…

The couple got married in 2017 and are now preparing to welcome their second arrival to the brood! Adam and Caroline took part in All Star Mr & Mrs together in August 2016.

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1. He was born and bred in Manchester

Ryan was born on 10th June, 1984 in Manchester and it looks as though he’s in no hurry to leave.

On the cobbled streets…

Fitting for a role in Coronation Street.

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Fitting for a role in Coronation Street.

Looking lean…

With his strong local accent, he was always going to be a sure-fire winner on the Corrie cobbles.

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On Lorraine…

Did you know these facts about Roxanne Pallett and Ryan Thomas? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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