21 Ridiculously Hilarious Solutions To Everyday Problems

We all know problem-solving is a priceless skill to have in both your personal and professional lives.

Devising a solution for roadblocks is vital. However, it might not be such a sought-after skill if the ideas are…ridiculous. Check out these hilarious solutions to problems – some are way out there and some are just straight-up genius!

#1 Easy, there…go slow!


We’re not quite sure as to what extent this is going to work. Yes, I guess it’s still a wheel and will still go round but I question the longevity of this solution.

#2 He ALMOST got away with it!!


Want to get away with avoiding a parking fine? Well whatever you do – do not attempt to disguise your car as a taxi by putting a cardboard sign on the roof. It’s not going to work.

#3 Yup – nobody in…nobody out…


The lock on your car door doesn’t work? No worries – just stick a padlock on it instead. Handy from locking the car from the outside, not so good for locking it from the inside.

#4 Who needs a mixer? I’m all over this!


Need to make a cake but don’t have a food mixer? Why don’t you just attach a whisk to the end of a drill instead? Problem solved.

#5 A door is a door…and this one’s definitely NOT “a jar.”


Hmm, we’re sensing that this isn’t how the car looked when it was first made. I guess substituting one door for another in this instance just didn’t quite work.

#6 Now my clothes will smell like meat too. Yummy!


Ran out of gas to cook your meat? Never fear! Why don’t you use an iron instead? Unless you want your clothes smelling of bacon, we don’t recommend that you try this at home.

#7 Hope you like coffee-flavored pasta!


Do these people not have a kettle? Do they not have a pan? If they don’t have these two essential items then how come they’ve got a coffee maker? It just doesn’t make sense people.

#8 The Sam Goody Solution: this was almost an improvement…but not quite.


Has your wing mirror fallen off recently? Well don’t go mad on spending money to get it fixed – just stick on a mirror instead. This is the perfect solution to that tricky problem.

#9 There are no words for this one — except BOOM!


This is a botched patch-up job if ever we’ve seen one. Lord oh Lord why would anyone think this would work? I mean, come on, that thing can’t be airtight in the slightest.

#10 Future geniuses already at work…


Who thought that coat-hangers would make such excellent screen brackets? Well if this photo is anything to go by, coat hangers work a treat. These boys are clearly very clever to think of something like this.

#11 What they will look like in 20 years…


We’re not quite so sure that this one is as elegant or looks as good but hey-ho, we guess it does the trick and served its purpose.

#12 Somehow drilling holes was easier than finding a button…


Obviously it’s much easier to drill holes in a coin and use it as a button than to just find a spare button. Ermm, somehow we don’t think so.

#13 BAM! Couch fixed.


Give a round of applause to anyone who thought of this idea. Pure, pure genius. I wonder if you could do the same thing the other way around if you chair was broken?

#14 And the brakes weren’t fixed, why?


We hope here that the actual breaks work, and that it is just the break lights that are a little faulty and need a helping hand. If not, these people are in serious trouble.

#15 Makes sense if the user is short.


Don’t have a shower head? No problem, just stick some holes in the bottom of a plastic bottle and all your troubles will just wash away.

#16 Makes sense – period.


Why not change things up a bit by having different ways that the water can come out? Come on, there myst be an easier solution than this people. Buy a shower head!

#17 Nice — it’s both functional AND friendly. That is, until the other 4 “fingers” droop and the person is now giving everyone behind them “the bird.”


Give your window-wiper an extra hand by placing a glove on it. We’re not sure how much more effective this would be compared to a normal window wiper but we’re prepared to give it a go in the name of research!

#18 It gets the job done, right?


Ahh yes, the classic ‘I don’t have a cup holder so I will just use tape instead’ method. If you’re wanting drink all over your knees, this is the perfect hack for you! If not – don’t bother.

#19 Smells like Wal-Mart!


Is it a trolley? Is it a BBQ? It’s BOTH! It’s a ‘brolly,’ which is probably what you would usually need on a summer’s day.

#20 Someone stole the first stereo/player — ain’t no one gonna bother this one!


Yehh, turn that music, roll your windows down and then hang onto your speaker system because we don’t think this one looks very stable at all.

#21 REMEMBER THIS: If you find yourself outside the US and there is ONLY a squattie-potty…YOU WILL NEED THIS! Genius!


In some countries, toilets just don’t exist. If you find yourself in one of these countries, then this invention would be handy to have.

So have you ever achieved a life hack worthy of these proportions? Let us know.