21 Polly Pocket Sets That You Are Sure To Remember

These tiny doll sets were all the rage back in the 90s and if you had one, chances are you wanted many more! They were just so easy to carry around and take with you wherever you went . It was a great idea back then and opened up a huge world of these tiny dolls and their little pocket sets that they came with. Take a look at this list and see if you had at lease ONE of these Polly Pockets:

1. You couldn’t wait to get your hands on this set and put your own picture in it!

2. Each container had their own charms.

Everyone had this one!

3. And each Polly Pocket had a unique theme that you could choose:

4. This was for the ballerina in you!

5. The ‘Enchanted Evening’ set!

6. This ‘Under the Sea’ Set:

7. Everyone dreams of their own beach home!

8. Do you like to ski?

9. They even had a mega-sized Polly Pocket:

Did you get one of these?

10. It had everything!

11. A tiny water park!

12. They even had this one with a school set up so that your parents would agree that these were not a waste of money at all!

13. A tiny pizza place to eat at. Can you see why we needed them all?

14. How about this magical one with lights?

15. Of course, Disney wanted a piece of this Polly Pocket world!

16. Beauty and the Beast was a popular set.

I loved this set!

17. You can even have this one that you wore around your neck.

18. Even if the set were a little bigger, they still had an overall, tiny theme.

19. Each one was uniquely different.

20. A die hard fan of these Polly Pockets would’ve have a set-up like this that probably took some time, birthdays and begging to acquire!

21. This is why Polly Pocket had so many friends!