21 Beauty Products That Every 80s Girl Remembers

These were the products that were advertised to us in our beauty magazines and on TV.  Therefore, we were constantly trying them all to see what worked best for our ever growing style back then.  Here are the products that you are sure to remember from your time in the 80s:

1. Lee Press On Nails.

We never had to grow out own with these!

2. Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker.

We loved this because it tasted like the beverage.

3. Benders.

We were always looking for ways to make our hair bigger.

4. Finesse.

This brand made your hair feel silky smooth.

5. Caboodles.

This was essential to organize all of your beauty products.

6. Teasing combs.

This was to make our hair even bigger on the go!

7. Aussie hair spray.

This kept your style all day long.

8. Electric Youth by Debbie Gibson.

We tried all of the celebrity perfumes.

9. Salon Selectives.

This was a popular brand.

10. Noxema.

We all wanted flawless skin like her.

11. Sea Breeze.

This was to keep your face clean from breakouts.

12. Banana clips

This made our ponytails look bigger and longer.

13. Kissing Potion.

This made you want to kiss more boys to see if they really liked strawberry.

14. Rave.

Another fantastic hair spray.

15. Malibu Musk.

We were always wanting to smell good.

16. Mood Lipstick.

This changed color with your mood!

17. Epilady.

A better way to shave your legs.

18. Crimping Iron.

This was all the rage!  Crimped hair.

19. Tinkerbell Nail Polish.

This was probably the first brand that you had.

20. L.A. Looks Hair Gel.

This was a different kind of hold on your hair.

21. Ten-0-Six.

Bonne Bell also gave us this line of skin-care products.