20 Of The Worst Wax-Works You Will Ever See!

Ever been to Madam Tussaud’s and thought “those wax works really do look amazingly life-like and just like the real person? It’s amazing just how much detail they can get in to a wax work now and just how realistic they can be – it’s almost like being stood next to your favourite celebrity!

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However, there is an opposite side to this. There are wax works out there that are so bad, and so hideous and bare no resemblance to their real-life counterpart that you can’t believe they were commissioned or that the sculptor got paid! Let’s take a look at some of the best/worst…

1. Prince William

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Everyone’s favourite member of the Royal Family and someone who has made a name following in his Mum’s footsteps by being an all-round nice guy. He really didn’t deserve this monstrosity…

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2. Barack Obama

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The first ever Black President of the United States, and he made some genuinely good changes that helped the everyman in America. How will history remember him? As someone who made real changes and wanted to do right by his people? Or like this….

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3. Steve Davis

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One of the most popular characters in Snooker in the 1980s and 1990s, in spite of being knows as someone who wasn’t very interesting. It’s almost like the sculptor simply got given a description of his supposed personality, rather than a photo to work with for this one…

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4. Cliff Richard

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This one doesn’t look so much like Cliff Richard as it does some kind of hideous genetic experiment gone wrong involving the DNA of Teresa May and Mrs Brown!

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5. David Beckham

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England Captain for years and a true great of the game in recent years, he’s also being recognised as a genuinely nice bloke who has done a lot for various charities and is an ambassador for the FA when needed to be called upon. The England great definitely did not deserve this…

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6. Noel Edmonds

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You can imagine the discussion. “We can do you a great deal on a wax work for you Mr Edmonds. But you have to decide now. Give us an answer in the next 30 seconds and you’ll save 50% on the price of the sculpture, so what will it be, Deal, or No Deal…

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7. Adele

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One of the most popular music stars of the moment, Adele is known for looking like an everyday woman, yet very glamorous at the same time, giving off a natural charm and beauty. So not like this then…

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8. Daniel Craig

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Is he your favourite Jame Bond, or are you all about Roger Moore and Sean Connery? It seems like someone has taken a real disliking to Daniel Craig’s take on Ian Flemming’s classic Secret Agent. Well, either that or they commissioned a certain Mr Blofeld to sculpt this one…

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9. John Travolta

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The star of many great films, from Saturday Night Fever to Pulp Fiction. John Travolta has certainly had a few different looks during his career which has spanned several decades. I just can’t ever remember him looking like this…

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10. Wayne Rooney

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Another star of the Beautiful Game for England, Wayne Rooney is another one who has sported a few different looks. Admittedly his hair is about as natural as one of these waxworks, but it doesn’t mean he deserved this kind of treatment…

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11. Adolf Hitler

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We’ve already seen on this list, people have been treated incredibly unfairly and simply do not deserve to be treated the way they have. This one, however, we can forgive – make it as bad as you want!

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12. Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson was a troubled soul and he went through several transformations during his life, and did look incredibly different at the end of his tragically short life to how he started out. That said, I don’t ever remember him looking quite like this…

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13. Victoria Beckham

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We’ve already seen what they did to Becks, but there is definitely nothing Posh about this particular sculpture! I wonder how she felt when they showed her this finished product which looks like some kind of hybrid between Victoria Beckham and Ann Robinson!

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14. Britney Spears

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Oops They did it again! Or is it actually that someone took Britney up on her plea to “hit me Baby, one more time” – she certainly looks like she has done a few rounds with Mike Tyson here…

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15. Maggie Thatcher

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The UK’s first female Prime Minister. Love her or loathe her as a PM, she was certainly a very strong character who knew exactly what she believed in and wasn’t afraid to do what was needed to achieve it. Unfortunately she seems to have upset someone along the way…

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16. Kylie Minogue

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Everyone’s favourite pint-sized Aussie Princess, Kylie Minogue has been a favourite amongst us Brits for several decades since playing Charlene in Neighbours. This really does not do her any justice at all…

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17. Tom Hanks

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During the 1990s and 2000s Tom Hanks was in every major blockbuster. He could do no wrong in the eyes on Hollywood and starred in a string of major hits at the box office. This obviously grated on someone though, maybe he made one movie too many and someone took exception to it…

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18. Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Arnie starred in some great films during the 80s and was one of the biggest action stars of the era. He certainly made Conan The Barbarian a very memorable character. But he definitely didn’t look like this unless the VHS had been chewed up whilst watching it…

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19. Rowan Atkinson

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Rowan Atkinson certainly has a bit of a rubber face and can pull some amazing expressions whilst performing as his various characters. But whether he was playing the part of Edmund Blackadder, or the hapless Mr Bean, he didn’t ever look like this…

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20. Mel Gibson

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Another actor who went through a phase of being in loads of films and having a string of hits including Braveheart and the Lethal Weapon films. But this definitely isn’t the William Wallace I remember crying out “Freeeedom”!

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So what do you think? Are these waxworks truly horrendous? Have you seen some that are even worse than this and we’ve actually missed them off the list? Let us know in the comments as always!