20 Things You Will Never See Again In Your Lifetime

Things have changed so much and so has everything that you remember having and doing when you were a kid.  Some of these things on this list are sure to bring back memories and it’s sad to say that it will only remain there in your memories and no longer be a part of your everyday life as it was back then.  Take a look at these items that you probably miss seeing:

1. A Block Buster Video!

Most Block Bust video stores have closed but we can remember spending hours trying to pick out the ultimate VHS for the weekend.

2. This Waterful Ring-Toss.

This was the most difficult game of your childhood.

3. Mr. Sketch markers.

These smelled so good you wanted to eat them!

4. The perfect gameshow host.

He was better than all the rest of them!

5. Uploading the internet on your computer.

Afterwards, you used it as a frisbee.

6. This math test.

Nobody wants to do this anymore! Just use the calculator on your cell phone.

7. Delicious leaf.

This movie made eating a leaf look like a wonderful experience.

8. The best place to hide from mom!

Or your brothers and sisters.

9. This cool cell phone.

This was the best one in its day.

10. A teacher who cares.

Can’t find one of these anymore.

11. All the best books on these pages.

We spent hours picking out our favorites.

12. Fruit shaped Trix.

It was better like this.

13. Kay-Bee Toys.

The best place to shop for a toy was here.

14. Floam.

This was a toy?  Well, you could make toys out of it.

15. Bubble Jug.

This was the oddest way to chew gum but we did it all the time.

16. Skittles bubble gum.

We don’t know why they did this but it was cool!

17. Trick or treat pails with style.

These were the best way to collect candy.

18. This catchy song.

It has a catchy theme song that made us really want it!

19. A scarier clown than “It” – Stephen King.

This clown looking at you from the gutter was the creepiest thing ever!

20. This awesome first car!

We spent hours peddling our way through the yard.