As children we were free to enjoy the good things in life without having to worry about things like responsibilities and finances. That left us with alot of time to appreciate all of the amazing books, toys, food and treats that the 1980s offered us!

Below we have selected 20 things that all 80s girls really miss. How many do you remember? Which was your favourite? And what can you absolutely not believe that we haven’t included?

1. Putting Buttercups Under Your Chin

It was scientifically proven that the yellow reflection of a buttercup under your chin meant that you liked butter, and we’ve still to see any evidence that disproves this. Be honest now, have you tried it recently?

2. Pound Puppies

Asking us to adopt a poor lonely puppy, the advertising for these wasn’t tugging on our heart strings at all! And they certainly made alot less mess than the real life canines that many of us have in our houses as adults!

3. Game Of Life

Game of Life gave you the opportunity to find a job and have children before you found a job and had children in your real life. We’ll leave you to decide which was more fun…

4. Clarks Magic Step Shoes

So wait, there were shoes that you could open with a key and hide things inside? Yes, this actually happened, and how brilliant would it be to still be able to keep things inside your shoes as an adult.

5. Sunny Delight / Sunny D

There’s no doubt that Sunny Delight tasted great, but in 1999 there were reports of a girl experiencing her skin turning orange (due to the product’s use of beta-Carotene for colour) after drinking an estimated 1.5 liters of Sunny Delight a day. To be honest we don’t care, because it tasted amazing and we’d love to drink it again!

6. Ladybird Books

Ladybird books offered us timeless and classic stories, many of which we still remember to this day. Which one was your favourite?

7. Kellogg’s Cereal Bowls

Now available for a pretty penny on Ebay, these bowls have got far too plastic and flimsy over the years. Do any of you still have some in your kitchen cupboard?

8. Gummi Bears

This show went under the full name ‘Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears’, it ran from 1985 to 1991, and it was the very first animated production by Walt Disney Animation Television. We don’t know about you but we’d love to see it again, if only for a few minutes!

9. Skip-It

These were amazing, especially if you could upset your younger sister by beating her high score. What a great way they would still be to keep fit, even as adults!

10. Mini Milk Ice Lollies

Be honest now, have you eaten one of these recently? They still taste as good as you remember.

11. Popples

Popples were a toy first before expanding into a popular cartoon, and not only were they extremely cute but you could also wrap them up into a ball thanks to the pouch that was attached to their backs. Do you still own one?

12. Wildlife Bars

Remember these? The chocolate tasted so much better when the wrapper was adorned with our favourite animal, and we’d love to munch on a few right this moment!

13. Ballerina Jewelry Boxes

We’re sure these bring back many happy memories, and personally we’d love to still be able to hear the wonderful tune that our jewelry box played.

14. Keypers

My sister had one of these and I remember it very well, even down to the funny little character with glasses! We know for a fact that many of you owned a Keyper, which of course doubled as both a toy and a great place to lock away all our little trinkets, something which would still be useful to this day!

15. Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum

Chewing these made us all feel really cool at school, and they were so amazing that it was disappointing that you couldn’t actually swallow them. Boy would we love to taste those flavours once again…

16. Recording The Music Charts

Due to poor access to the latest music we did our best to record the latest hits from Sunday’s Top 40 by pressing play and record on our radio cassette player, and it took great skill to have a song recorded without the DJ talking at the start and at the end. Kids these days don’t know what it was like!

17. Electronic Dream Phone

Do you remember this game? It was kind of like Guess Who, but just with hunky boys instead, and it was much easier than having to talk to real life males!

18. Ice Magic Dessert

Being nothing short of miraculous, Bird’s Ice Magic involved pouring runny chocolate sauce on your ice cream, only for it to harden within minutes, creating your own homemade choc ice. What black magic they had to employ to accomplish this we don’t know, but it made eating ice cream even better than it already was. Why is it no longer available?

19. Bank Pig Models

Do you remember which bank you collected these from? It was Natwest, and we bet that seeing them again has filled you to the brim with nostalgia. Did any of you keep yours?

20. Homemade Pom Poms

We’re not sure we fully understood this one. Something to do with wool and scissors, but whatever the process, they sure did look lovely once completed. Can anyone remember how to make them?

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