20 Original Smurfs That We All Grew Up Watching

The Smurfs was a delightful show about the lives of tiny blue creatures who lived in mushroom-shaped houses. They did have an enemy, though. Gargamel and his cat seemed to have it out for the Smurfs but luckily they were always smart enough to get away. Their goal was to keep the location of their Smurf village a secret in order to keep it safe. Here are the Smurfs you loved to watch and remember the most:

1. Papa Smurf.

He was the leader.  He has wisdom and a heart of gold because he really cared about his little Smurflings.  He looked different because of his age and red pants.

2. Smurfette.

She was the only female Smurf who was created by their enemy Gargamel.

3. Hefty Smurf.

He was the one with incredible strength who was called upon to get all the hard work done.

4. Brainy Smurf.

He believes that he is the smartest Smurf but has often been proven to be wrong.

5. Grouchy Smurf.

This Smurf is, of course, grouchy.  He began every sentence with, “I hate. . .”

6. Clumsy Smurf.

No matter how hard to tried, he was clumsy although he’s always anxious to help.

7. Greedy Smurf.

He always takes more than he needs. Cake, Snacks and other foods.

8. Jokey Smurf.

He used to give presents and promised that it was a “surprise” but it always exploded in the recipient’s face.

9. Chef Smurf.

He knows just what to make and when to make it.

10. Vanity Smurf.

He loved to admire his reflect and wore a flower in his hat.

11. Handy Smurf.

He was the village inventor.

12. Scaredy Smurf.

He was scared of small noises as well as small bugs.

13. Tracker Smurf.

He wore a red feather in his hat and was an excellent tracker.

14. Sloppy Smurf.

He had a love for garbage and dirt.

15. Harmony Smurf.

This was the musician of the village who often played his trumpet.

16. Painter Smurf.

He is a fantastic artist who is always creating something.

17. Poet Smurf.

He wanders a lot to seek inspiration for his poetry.

18. Baby Smurf.

He is the baby that a stork delivered to the village by blue moonlight.

19. Farmer Smurf.

He took care of all the crops for the village.

20. Baker Smurf.

He was the local baker and Greedy Smurf would often take his freshly baked goods.