20 Of Your Favorite Video Games That Look Way Worse Than You Remember

Keep in mind that when these games came out, we were excited to have them.  Obviously, there have been some improvements to the graphics of video games since these early years.  Let’s see how well you remember how awful the really looked back then:

1. Resident Evil.

This was the blood that you saw when you killed someone.  Pretty silly.

2. Madden Football 64.

Just look at the football! That says a lot technology back then.

3. Katamari Damacy.

Everything just looked so square.  Take a look at the feet and hands in the background.

4. Banjo-Kazooie.

The eyes alone are enough to freak me out.

5. Quake.

The background of these video games were so bad and these creatures are just placed in front of it.

6. Final Fantasy VII.

These graphics were the best of their kind when they came out.  It’s funny to see it now.

7. South Park 64.

Based on the legendary show except that this game was worse.

8. Doom 2.

The red squares pretty much give away the infancy of gaming graphics.

9. Crazy Taxi.

The surroundings were pretty bland in this game but at least the car looked good!

10. Tomb Raider.

Well, it’s clear why the guys became confused in their early years about the shape of a woman’s breast.

11. Grand Theft Auto 2.

The ultimate car driving game that caused a lot of protests.  Now, we can see that there’s wasn’t much to be upset about.

12. Myst.

I still think that it looks good.

13. Super Mario 64.

How do they come up with this stuff?  Oh, green for grass, brown for dirt.

14. Crash Bandicoot.

I still can’t believe how horrible some of these games are when looking back at them.

15. GoldenEye 007.

Wow! Awesome doors!

16. Wolfenstein 3D.

In this game your hand was blurry and your target was blurry.  I don’t know they were ever defeated!

17. Sam and Max Hit The Road.

Hilarious! I love this game simply for the signs.

18. Duke Nukem 3D.

These girls dance in an empty room.  I guess it wasn’t in the budget to put in patrons.

19. Star Fox 64.

Slippy the frog was thankful to have our help.

20. Next.

Unreal is right!