20 Of The Craziest Things Seen On The Road

Whilst driving out and about, you can spot some pretty unusual things on the road. They’re mostly to do with angry motorists having a bit of road rage, or a funny number plate.

The motorists in this post, however, really did get a surprise out on their daily commute. Take a look at what they saw…

20. Chariot Racing

19. Captain America

18. Babushka

17. Shark chasing after filet-o-fish

16. One way to fix things

15. Taking your pet racoon for a ride

14. The best kind of passenger

13. When one bonnet is not enough

12. I think that tyre needs changing

11. We’re not sure this is legal

10. Snake in a car

9. Someone though the foot-bridge was an overpass

8. Protective shield activated

7. A sticker with a sense of humour

6. ‘Snow joke

5. This modified beast

4. Perfect time to read a book

3. When you don’t have a horse trailer

2. Stuck behind this in traffic

1. I’m not getting on this bus