20 Of The Best Frozen Desserts Of Your Childhood

The best part about being a kid is having dessert and thank goodness there were plenty of options!  Some of these delicious treats were a part of our everyday lives and some of them were saved for ‘special occasions’. Either way, they hold a special place in our hearts because we will never forget the times when we had any one of these great, frozen dessert treats:

1. Drumsticks.

These had a delicious scoop of ice cream in a waffle cone and dipped in chocolate and with peanut sprinkles.  YUM!

2. Vienetta.

This was a classy, high-quality ice cream that made you feel fancy when you ate it.

3. Rescue Ranger Fudge Bar.

We loved Chip ‘n Dale and so having one of them on a fudge bar was great!

4. Crunch Bar.

Just like the candy bar but with ice cream!

5. Flintstone Push Ups.

Push-ups were the best!  Even better with Flintstone on it!

6. TCBY.

Mmmmm. . . yogurt and sprinkles.

7. Concentrated Frozen OJ.

This was better than buying it mixed and usually your mom had a good recipe for turning this into something delicious!

8. Fla-Vor-Ice.

This was the ultimate summer treat.

9. TMNT Ice Cream.

All you had to do was pick your favorite turtle.

10. Choco Taco.

Better than an actual taco!

11. Klondike Bar.

A lot!  Not anything. . . but a lot! These were really good.

12. Ice cream sandwich.

The original.  The best.

13. Dipped Cones.

The best way to cover up ice cream.

14. Snow Cone.

Picking the right flavor was hard.

15. Dippin’ Dots.

These were delicious!

16. Frozen Coke.

Even better than non-frozen Coke. Especially on a hot day.

17. Chocolate Banana With Nuts.

Look gross but tastes great!

18. Firecrackers.

These are great during the 4th of July.

19. Creamsicle.

Vanilla wrapped in creamy goodness.

20. Popsicles.

These were full of flavor!