One way to really look back at the past is by looking at the things that people owned and were buying. It’s hard to find lots of things all in one place though, unless you happen to know where to look!

The Argos catalogue – full of everything from auto care items to jewellery to the latest video games – was a marvel to us 80s kids. So join us on a look back at a selection of items available in the 1985 Spring/Summer Argos catalogue – I can pretty much guarantee that you either owned, or knew someone who owned, several items on this list and they just don’t make them like this anymore!

Fancy a new watch? How 80s are these? Everyone had a Casio watch at some point! Who had a calculator watch too? What a great gadget that was when maths tests were due!

How about a stylish new camera? Cameras went through a phase of being really flat like the below options so they didn’t look like a normal camera so seemed really futuristic at the time! In the end they obviously thought what the hell and just kept making cameras that looked like cameras!

Who knew that Argos used to sell home-torture devices? Was there anything more dreaded than hearing your mad old relatives saying they’ve spent the past three hours loading their photo carousel to show you their latest holiday snaps?

Ah the 80s, the decade of the digital alarm clock! Does anyone else see these and just get reminded of the opening scene of Groundhog Day?

You can listen to music – whilst you’re out and about and without carrying a stereo system around with you! And you look incredibly stylish (!) to boot! The future is here!

In-car safety is very important – especially for that lad sat reading something whilst strapped in with his smart new seat belt! And why don’t they make child seats so furry and snuggly now??

In-car entertainment – you could have a radio with a cassette player, OR you could have a cassette player with a radio! What a choice!

Look at that – now you can choose telephone products like you can choose other household items!! This is definitely a sign that the times they were a-changing!

Not quite a Dyson, but these were the best to be had, and just look at those portable vacuums that look like some kind of beige Dalek! Dr Who would be proud!

OK, everyone had one of these kettles, right? I remember those ones with the jagged switch on the corner of the hamdle and if you caught the switch wrong it would take the top of your skin off! And not a wireless kettle in sight just yet!

Coe that’s a bit risque for an Argos catalogue! You wouldn’t see that today! And it looks like she’s definitely been using the products from above her, too!

Which of these did you have? My mum was mad about Eternal Beau so we had the plates, mugs, bowls. In fact we still do and they still get used to this day!

What about these stylish mugs and crockery? Did you have any of these ranges? Those soup mugs bring back memories!

How about a lovely new lighter? Is it just me or do some of those on the top row look like they’ve been modeled on chests of drawers?

If I knew then what I knew now, I would buy so many of these and keep them boxed. This page would have tens of thousands of pounds worth of Star Wars merchandise on it within thirty years!!

Care Bears and Cabbage Patch Dolls – do toys come any more 80s than this?

Yes they do…..

How many of these did you have? Or how many did your mates have and had you seething with jealousy?

Now you’re talking! How many hours worth of fun are included in this one picture?

So how many of these do you remember? How many did you have? Are there any that you were desperate for but didn’t ever get? Are there any that you got and still have today? Let us know in the comments as always!