19 Hilarious And Dirty Jokes From The Simpsons

The Simpsons is a no-holds-barred cartoon that has always been a pleasure to watch but you have to admit that you didn’t get all of the jokes that it delivered back when you were a kid.  This is because most of them are planted for the benefit of the adult in the room and were not intended to be for you!  Therefore, it has taken you some time to understand the full extent of this show and everything that it has to offer.  However, now that you’re older, you’ll have the opportunity to appreciate all of its adult humor.  Chances are, you can watch any episode today and get something new out of it that you didn’t when you were a kid.  This is just a reminder of some of the dirty jokes that you probably missed:

1. Monkey House.

2. This is a tricky one. Don’t worry, you’ll get it!

3. This got Otto’s hopes up for a second.

Say no to needles!

Only to have it dashed.

4. Poor Otto. He just can’t catch a break!

5. What rhymes with “Chucks”? I guess they couldn’t call it that anymore for a reason!

6. Read between the lines.

7. He probably didn’t mean what he said but it’s still funny!

HAHA! I wonder what Homer was thinking?

8. We all get this one now!

9. This is good advice.

10. Only Ralph could not understand this one.

11. Clearly, they can pierce many things. . .

12. This is the jacket that Marge asks Homer to wear to bed.

Marge was a dirty little girl!

13. She’s just telling the truth.

14. Is that a real medical membership?

15. Pretty revealing!

16. Homer disappears into the bush.

Bye bye Homer!

17. There’s an innuendo in there somewhere!

18. He’s clowning around again!

19. Okay, a bit much!