17 Toys Every 80s Kid Desperately Wanted For Christmas

As kids we knew exactly what we wanted for Christmas and we had no problem telling everyone what we wanted!

Here are 17 things that were most likely ended up on your list.

1. Millennium Falcon/AT-AT

2. He-Man Castle Greyskull plays set

3. My Little Pony Dream Castle play set

4. Speak and Spell

5. Boglins

6. Jem doll

7. Ghostbusters Fire House

8. Rainbow Brite doll

9. Thundercats Lion-o’s sword

10. Glo-worm

11. Big Yellow Teapot

12. Little Professor

13. Big Trak

14. Talking Teddy Ruxpin

15. Walkman

16. Castle LEGO

17. Lolo ball