Boys love to have their own rooms and their own belongings in them, preferably strewn across the floor as messily as possible and in as precarious position as possible so no annoying parents or siblings dare step foot inside!

This isn’t just a recent thing, though, it’s always been the case, and the 80s was certainly no exception! 80s boys loved to have their rooms just the right way and with just the right amount of toys and gadgets. How many of these did you have?

1. Bunk Bed

Image result for Big movie bunk bed

Lads love a bunk bed, especially in the right design and with the right bedding, and it didn’t matter if you didn’t have someone in the other bunk – it was there as a den or for when your mate came to stay over!

2. He-Man Bedding

Image result for 1980s he-man bedding

What lad didn’t love He-Man? And to have the most powerful man in the universe adorning your quilt was the dog’s whattsits!

3. Game & Watch

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Which did you have? Mario? Snoopy Tennis? These were so much fun, but they weren’t back-lit so you couldn’t stay up late with the lights off to play them, but they were still great!

4. Water Games

Image result for 1980s water game

Usually trying to get small spheres in to goals, or hoops on to some kind of target, these were challenging, but great fun always making you want to have one more try!

5. Big Trak

Image result for 1980s big trak

Go Forward 10, Turn Right, Go Back 5, Turn Left. If you had a big room then this was a great gadget to have!

6. Scalextric

Image result for 1980s scalextric sets

If you had a big bedroom and a hard floor then this was what it was all about, creating the biggest track possible and having your mates over for a competition.

7. Dart Board

Image result for 1980s bullseye dart board

Often fixed to the back of your bedroom door, thanks to the classic show, Bullseye, everyone wanted a dart board in their room!

8. Catapult

Image result for 1980s catapult

These were eventually banned, but loads of lads still had these, who waited for their big sister to go out then fired things at her from their bedroom window?

9. Monster Truck Toys

Image result for 1980s big foot toy

Monster Trucks were a big thing in the 80s, especially the amazing Big Foot! Did you have a monster truck toy? If so which one?

10. Sam Fox Poster

Image result for 1980s sam fox poster

Before she turned to music Sam Fox was a Page 3 model, but once she became a pop star it was fair game to have a big poster of her in your room and your parents couldn’t say anything as long as she was semi-clothed!

11. Ghetto Blaster

Image result for 1980s ghetto blaster

The ultimate 80s accessory, the bigger and louder the better. Did you walk about with one of these on your shoulder? How much did it ache after a couple of hours?

12. Walkie Talkies

Image result for 1980s walkie talkie

Lads love a Walkie Talkie, give one to your best mate who lives across the road and work out what mischief you’ll be getting up to next!

13. Marble Run

Image result for 1980s marble run

Marble Run was amazing, especially if you had a few sets to combine in to the ultimate run that would see a marble take several minutes to reach the end! Mine always got half way then just stopped as gravity took over and left me disappointed though!

14. Domino Rally

Image result for 1980s domino rally

As with the Marble Run, if you had several Domino Rally sets you could make some amazing rallies that would take ages to complete and look very impressive – just keep your Siamese cat out of the room, I learned the hard way!

15. My Pet Monster

Image result for 1980s my pet monster

Every lad needs a teddy bear of some description, but if you can get one that looks like this then you don’t feel quote so soft and don’t mind people seeing it in your room as long as they don’t see you cuddling up to it at night!

16. Boglins

Image result for 1980s boglins

Which Boglin did you have? The latex used in this was really creepy as it actually felt like some kind of skin or flesh and was not pleasant at all!

17. Dennis The Menace Fan Club Pack

Image result for 1980s dennis the menace fan club pack

80s kids loved The Beano, and especially Dennis The Menace. Were you a member? Did you have the furry Gnasher badge and wear it with pride? I know I did!

18. Pamela Anderson Poster

Image result for 1980s pamela anderson poster

Moving in to the 90s, when 80s kids were 90s teens! Sam Fox was replaced hurriedly with the Baywatch Babe that was everywhere and the more revealing (but still semi-clothed of course!) the pic of Pammy, the better!

Has this brought the memories flooding back to you about your mis-spent youth? Which of these did you have in your room? Let us know in the comments as always!