17 Things That Take You Back To The 80s – A Blast From The Past!

You know that you’re an eighties kid when you see the items on this list and can remember them in your everyday life back then.  These are the things that we know well and love to take a look at to remember how things used to be.  So, here’s another trip down nostalgia lane! I hope you enjoy:

1. Water hoop game.

This was a difficult game to conquer but we spent many hours trying.

2. Care Bears

These delightful bears gave a whole new meaning to a teddy bear because each of them had their own, unique personality.

3. My Little Pony.

These adorable ponies had great hair that we used to brush all the time.

4. Cabbage Patch Dolls.

We just had to have one! Our parents were struggling to get one for us too.

5. Popples.

These were awesome pillow pets.

6. Teddy Ruxpin.

“Can you and I be friends?” Yes!  This was the coolest talking bear!

7. Jelly shoes.

They were hot on your feet but they came in all these great 80s colors!

8. Alf.

He was a great alien character on TV and we just had to have the stuffed version of him as well.

9. Simon.

This made you feel like you were smarter than the computer.

10. Rainbow Brite.

She had all the right colors and she even had her own cartoon.

11. Snoopy Sno-Cone Maker.

The kid who had this was popular for the whole summer.

12. Tang.

Who didn’t have this beverage back then?

13. Atari games.

Pac-Man was, of course, the favorite!  We loved this game.

14. Nintendo.

After Atari, we had Nintendo.  A big upgrade for us!

15. Your first cordless phone.

The antenna was long and was often easy to break.

16. MC Hammer Pants.

Because it was that time! Hammer time!

17. Aqua Net hair spray.

How did we get our hair to stay like that without it?