The 80s were known for so many things – fantastic music, amazing kids’ TV, some outstanding movies and TV shows, and some great gadgets and toys as technology began to develop.

The 80s is also known for being an era of fashion statements – fashion statements, that in most cases, probably should never have been allowed to happen.

British band A Flock of Seagulls in the 1980s

Which of these 17 fashions were you guilty of taking part in in the 80s?

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17. Bum bags

Bum bag 1980s mannequin

Look at it. We couldn’t even find a decent picture of a real human being wearing one of these monstrosities, only mannequins seem willing to pose whilst wearing one.

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16. Male pony tails

Steven Seagal ponytail 1980s

Steven Seagal seemed to single handedly start this trend. So blame him.

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15. Scrunchies

Scrunchies 80s

Because normal hair ties and hair clips were simply too subtle. They didn’t stand out like a bright shiny gold or silver scrunchy.

14. Huge earrings

Huge earrings 80s

Anyone else get reminded of Pat from EastEnders when you see gigantic earrings? Not subtle, not cool and absolutely not light.

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13. Shoulder pads

Shoulder pads 80s

Men and women were both guilty of this one. Because shoulder-shaped shoulders just didn’t look right apparently, your shoulders needed to look like you could balance a plate on either side.

12. Spandex

Spandex 80s

Anyone who was anyone and went to the gym would do so in Spandex in the 80s. It didn’t look particularly cool, it was usually very brightly coloured and largely unflattering.

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11. Parachute pants

MC Hammer parachute pants 80s

Oh my. Even MC Hammer didn’t pull these off successfully, seriously what the hell were these about?

10. Perms

Deirdre Coronation Street perm 1980s

Sometimes these could be styled successfully, but nothing said “look at me” like a dodgy 80s perm.

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9. Frankie Says Relax t-shirts

Frankie says relax shirt 80s

Styled after the song that was banned for explicit lyrics and a video that didn’t help, people everywhere were wearing these t-shirts to show how edgy they were.

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8. Denim jackets

Denim jacket 80s

One of the iconic fashion statements of the 80s, how many people would you see in an average day wearing a stone-washed denim jacket? Too many, is probably the answer.

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7. Keyboard neckties

Keyboard necktie 1980s

Ties. That look like a piano keyboard. Why? Why not.

6. Headbands

Headband 1980s

Because wearing one of these made you look like you exercise. Even though you didn’t.

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5. Wrist bands

Wristbands 80s

See: headbands.

4. Big hair

Sarah Jessica Parker big hair 80s

Because small hair is simply too subtle, and you had to be noticed. Jennifer Aniston somehow managed to keep this going in to the 90s.

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3. Mullets

Pat Sharp wearing a mullet in the 80s

Not cool. Not smart. Most people don’t have the exuberant personality of Pat Sharp to back this up.

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2. Shell suits

Shell suits in a 1980s catalogue

Dee do doh, don’t deed oh? The ultimate accessory for anyone with a perm. Or Scouse.

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1. Heat-change clothing

Image result for global hypercolour 80s

Because people love to advertise when they’re hot and sweaty and probably stink – at least with these clothes other people were warned to stay away. So we should thank the people who committed this fashion sin.

Which of these fashions do you remember? Which will you admit to taking part in? Are there any you still use today? Let us know in the comments as always.