The 80s were full of varied and interesting programs from every genre. Whether they were a mid-week thing to look forward to after school, or a weekend treat you could stay up late for, we loved to watch them.

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How many of these did you grow up with?

1. The A-Team

A classic program, full of fun and action, and with some of the great, era-defining characters with the likes of B.A Baracus and Face Man!

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2. Moonlighting

A classic detective program that gave Bruce Willis his big break and got him noticed for his role of John McClane, but Moonlighting was a real classic in itself.

3. Countdown

The first program shown on the new Channel 4, Countdown was an immediate classic and people loved the show!

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They also loved the presenters, Richard Whiteley and Carol Vorderman.

4. Cheers

A classic American sit-com, Cheers was set in a bar, and was one of those shows where most people could relate to at least one of the characters on quite a personal level!

5. Fame


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Maybe, but still a classic show, with its tale about students and their love of dance and how it affects their lives.

6. Beadle’s About

They didn’t come anymore wacky than this show, with host Jeremy Beadle dressing up in disguise and causing all sorts of mayhem for people. Watch out, Beadle’s About!

7. Challenge Anneka

Anneka Rice would be set a challenge each week.

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She would run, drive, fly, whatever it took to get there in the allotted time and win the challenge!

8. The Crystal Maze

One of the best game shows of the time, The Crystal Maze dared to be a bit different and had the benefit of the flamboyant and charismatic Richard O’Brien at the helm!

9. The Two Ronnies

Good, old fashioned, family-friendly fun.

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These two were genuinely funny and worked incredibly well together and didn’t need to turn to the offensive to get cheap laughs!

10. Tomorrow’s World

Looking forward to new technology and inventions and how they could benefit and influence the World around us, this was entertaining and informative!

11. Bergerac

One of a string of detective programs from the era and one of the best by far!

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This had a massive following and Bergerac was very popular.

12. Blind Date

Classic Cilla Black, this show was very different, and got millions of viewers every week watching those on the show looking for love!

13. Brideshead Revisited

Period drama at its best!

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This took the TV audience by storm and people were tuning in every week to keep up with the drama!

14. Dallas

The story of the Ewings, specifically JR, who became a popular culture sensation at the time and people would come home to tune in and try to find out who shot him!

15. Dynasty

You can’t really have Dallas on the list without its main rival, Dynasty, which was very different but every bit as popular.

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Was it possible to love both shows?

16. Only Fools and Horses

Possibly the most influential comedy of the era, Only Fools and Horses has proven what it takes to have a program that is timeless and still loved by millions years later!

Which of these was your favourite?

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Have we missed a big one off the list? Which did you refuse to miss and spend ages trying to work out how to set the timer on the VHS recorder so you could watch it when you got home? Let us know all your thoughts and memories in the comments as always!