We all remember He-Man, Care Bears, ThunderCats and My Little Pony toys, but who remembers Boglins, Dingbots, Sweet Secrets and Zoids? Below are 16 toys we think you’ll have completely forgotten about, but if you do remember any of them then be sure to put us straight by posting a comment!

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1. Big Red Fun Bus

The Big Red Fun Bus with its gorgeous characters was one of the most popular toys of our childhood, and even now people are selling them for a pretty penny on Ebay!

2. Boglins

Who can remember putting their hand up a Boglin? Unlike some other cheap plastic toys we could mention, these actually looked pretty realistic once you started moving their facial features around.

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3. Dancing Flowers

The flowers heard a noise and they started dancing. Simple technology perhaps, but these were all the rage, with everyone being desperate to have one in their living room.

4. Dingbot

Do you remember Dingbot? This cute little robot was based on everyone’s favourite 80s alien E.T., and was initially created to star in a whisky TV commercial in Japan.

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5. Dino-Riders

Believe it or not my mum found one of these figures in her loft the other week, but sadly the armour clad dinosaur he accompanied was nowhere to be seen.

6. Family Tree House

Seriously, how cute was the Family Tree House? Seeing one now takes us right back to our childhood and gives us a lovely tingly feeling in our stomach!

7. Kongman

Kongman was possibly one of the greatest toys of our youth. Like an adult version of Screwball Scramble, featuring death defying steps as well as a bridge and a balloon, it truly did take a great deal of practice to master.

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8. Lite Brite

Lite Brite combined art and light in a quite brilliant package, and enabled us to fill our bedrooms with light long after our parents had gone to bed.

9. Maximus

Who remembers Maximus? You had to insert different cards into it to play different games, which might seem simple when you compare it to the technology of today, but at the time we thought it was amazing!

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10. Mr Money Automatic Bank Robot

Replacing the boring old pig money box, Mr Money Automatic Bank Robot actually lifted your coins into his mouth and swallowed them!

11. Petite Post Office

Petite Post Office, and other toys like it, let us pretend to be adults at work long before we actually had to start our real 9 to 5.

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12. Ring Raiders

How could toy makers ever possibly sell rings to boys? By affixing cool looking planes onto them of course! Did you own one of these?

13. Screwball Scramble

Screwball Scramble will never get boring, and we don’t know about you but still love showing off our skills on it to our kids, nieces and nephews!

14. Sweet Secrets

Be honest, you’d forgotten about Sweet Secrets hadn’t you? They were dolls that transformed into jewelry and makeup, and we absolutely loved them.

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15. Water Games

We spent hours playing with these Water Games, especially this football one that we actually owned. Which one did you have?

16. Zoids

What wasn’t to like about being able to make your own robotic dinosaur? We especially remember the massive Gojulas, not that we could ever persuade our parents to buy it for us!

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