As kids we were always taught not to run into the road without looking, and for the most part we were pretty good at doing just that. But there was one particular occasion when it was almost impossible to follow the rules…

If there’s one thing that all kids can’t get enough of, it’s Ice Creams and Ice Lollies, and little has changed since we were young. There may still be large amounts of delicious ice based treats for us to enjoy as adults, but you just can’t beat the ones we enjoyed back in the 80s and early 90s…


Whether it’s down to the lovely nostalgic feeling we get in our stomach, or simply remembering a time when we weren’t having to watch our waste-line we don’t know, but whatever the reason, below are ‘16 Ice Creams And Lollies That Will Remind You Of Your Childhood’. How many of them do you remember eating when you were a kid? Which was your favourite? And which Ice Cream or Lolly can you not believe that we haven’t included?

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1. Fab

Three Tiers of absolute Ice Lolly goodness, although was anyone else disappointed after they had eaten through the superior top third?

2. Mini Milk

Have you eaten one of these recently? They still taste as good as you remember.

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3. Big Feast

Absolutely covered in nuts so not a particular favourite of ours, but we remember our parents eating them.

4. Choc Ice

Fairly basic, alarmingly cheap, but never uninteresting, Choc Ices have been eaten by children for generations.

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5. Funny Faces

Because a lolly with a funny face on it tasted twice as good, are we right?

6. Sparkles

We particularly remember the lemonade flavoured sparkle lolly, which was officially the most refreshing thing you could have on a hot summers day.

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7. Zoom

A lolly shaped like a rocket ship was every child’s dream, and we were no exception.

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8. Cornish Dairy

Oh boy! Remember the rectangular ice creams you could put into the rectangular cones? We sure do!

9. Freeze Pop

These were basically fruit squash frozen in the freezer, but we didn’t care as they tasted delightful. The true joy was in sucking out the remainder of the juice at the bottom though…

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10. Orange Maid

So refreshing that we’re salivating right now. And it’s about 2 degrees.

11. Dracula

Who remembers these? We remember them tasting pretty strong, but also absolutely wonderful.

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12. The Finger

Yes, this actually existed. You could give ‘the finger’ to your child back in the 1980s. Brilliant.

13. Nobbly Bobbly

It simply doesn’t get better than this. We may as well stop now, but we wont…

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14. Mr Men

Mr Men lollies had a joke on the stick and you could choose your favourite Mr Man. Mr Bump was the best of course, no contest.

15. Funny Feet

This is perhaps the quintessential 80s ice lolly. Everyone remembers it, and everyone loved it, but did you know that you can still buy them to this day?

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16. Screwball

Screwballs tasted heavenly, it’s been decades since we had one but that delicious mix of strawberry and vanilla is still very much with us.

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