15 Worst Things About Sharing A Bedroom When You Were A Kid

The hardest part about growing up is learning how to share and many of us had to share an entire room with another sibling.  Often times, an invisible or even an ACTUAL line was drawn so that no one would dare to step in the other person’s territory.  So, if you were one of those who had to share a room when you were a kid, here is a list of things that you can relate to:

1. Neat Freak vs. Slob.

Depending on which one  you were, this was really aggravating!

2. Daydreaming of having your own room.

Well, when you weren’t fussing about the situation you were in, you often found yourself wondering what it would be like to have it all to yourself!

3. Sleeping in the same room after a big fight.

There’s nothing worse than getting mad and then having to sleep a mere foot away from the person you just fought with.

4. The stress about sleeping on the bottom bunk.

You always thought that one day, this would happen!

5. Fighting hard without hurting each other.

Your parents were only mad when something broke or when someone got hurt.  So, pillows were one way to settle a fight.

6. The plus side is that you can sleep through anything!

At least sharing a room will help you get along with someone later in life.

7. Very Little Privacy.

No matter how hard you tried to be alone, it was not happening!

8. Closet space wars!

There was always a problem with sharing the closet space.  Not many rooms had two of them!

9. You hated these shows!

Anyone with their own, fantastic room was not getting any sympathy from you!

10. The movie “Big”.

You couldn’t wait to be big and have the whole place to yourself!

11. Lights on – Lights off!

This was a constant battle.

12. The snore war!

It was a chore to get some sleep if your sibling was already fast asleep and snoring hard!

13. When they went to someone else’s house for the night.

Freedom at last!

14. But during the night. . .

You found out that you really missed your sibling when you were all alone.

15. At the end of the day.

You realized that you were sharing a room with your best friend.