15 Weird Life Hacks That Are Actually Brilliant!

Life hacks have been turning up all over the internet and many of them can be extremely time saving. However, after you take a look at this list, you will realize that life hacks can even be a brilliant way to take on everyday challenges. You’ll even find that you could’ve used these hacks a long time ago to save yourself the grief that you had to deal with in the past for not knowing any better. Thankfully, you will now be equipped with the weirdest and most brilliant life hacks for future reference. Take a look:

1. Put a magnet on the end of your hammer.

In this case, just use some glue to stick on a magnet! From now on, you can use this to reach for those loose nails.

2. Use compressed air to cool a soda.

Have you ever needed a cold drink right away? Those of us who live in temperatures that reach above 100 degrees do!

3. Repair a dent in your car.

These little ‘fender benders’ can be quite embarrassing! Now, all you have to do is use a blow drying to heat up the plastic and then follow that with a can of compressed air. The process of going from hot to cold will make it pop right out!

4. Using a fork to lock a door.

This is an easy way to do a makeshift lock. However, you must have the tools to bend and cut the fork but the end result is a self made locked door!

5. Use lipstick to help find why the door won’t latch.

This is the most frustrating part about a doorknob installation. Every thing is done and then, it won’t latch! Now, just take some lipstick to find out whether it’s too high or too low. Otherwise, who can tell?

6. The ultimate hiding spot!

Who would ever think of looking in your ‘personals’ to find your cash! Great idea!

7. No more dust in the eyes!

This is a great way to contain dust when you have to work on the ceiling. It will save you a lot of trouble!

8. Vaseline to cut through superglue.

This is just one of those moments when this little hack can be a lifesaver. Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) will break down the adhesives in the superglue so that you can peel away the objects that might be stuck to your face when you wake up.

9. Seal your meal with a straw.

If take two drinking straws and cut them open along their lengths, you can slip the first one on the plastic bag and then roll it up. Then, the second straw will slip over the first one to hold it tight.

10. Use a can opener to open the plastic packaging.

This is the hardest part about getting to your purchased product. Now, you can peel right into it with this.

11. A crockpot can peel off paint.

If you have a metal object that is saturated with old paint, there’s no need for a chemical bath! Just let it soak in a crockpot of water with some detergent overnight. The paint will loosen by morning and peel right off!

12. An alternative to shaving cream.

If you happen to run out of it, you can also use hair conditioner because it has the same, smooth ingredients as a shaving cream does. You can even use shampoo if you have to.

13. When you don’t want to take off your gloves.

Cell phones usually need an electric charge generated from your fingertips in order to work. Therefore, you can also use a spare battery.

14. When it won’t screw easily in.

Just use a little soap to scrape the grooves of the screw against. This will keep it from building up too much friction and help it to go in easier.

15. If you want to crank up the volume!

This is a neat way to make sure that the alarm on your phone can be heard by you in the morning. Placing a phone in an empty glass will amplify it.