TEST YOURSELF: How Many Of These 15 Toys Did You Want For Christmas As A Kid?


I have to whisper it quietly, but Christmas is fast approaching, we’re well in to the Autumn now, which means that it’s time to think about what we’re buying people for Christmas, if you haven’t started already! But what were the gifts you got as a kid that stick in the memory? Which big toy did you get that made all your siblings and friends jealous as hell? Which of these classics did you get as a kid…

1. Micro Machines

These were HUGE (not literally, because obviously they were tiny!), but everyone had at least a few Micro Machines, and some had a massive collection of them!

2. Masters of the Universe

He-Man! One of the biggest cartoon shows of the 80s and the toy range was simply awesome with some colourful and imaginative characters!

3. Pound Puppies

These cute toys ha eyes that made you want to adopt them and take them home, and millions of people did as a result – did you?

4. Strawberry Shortcake

The cute little doll that smelled of strawberries…. for a few weeks at least then the smell seemed to disappear, but these were still a nice range to collect.

5. Transformers

Robots in disguise! One of the great range of toys from when we were growing up, these were the ultimate in cool! Did you prefer the Autobots of the evil Decepticons?

6. Etch-a-Sketch

The little gadget that let you use two knobs to draw on the screen. If you weren’t artistic you got a few lines, but some people could make some incredible drawings on these!

7. Polly Pocket

One of the most collectible items of the era, it helped that these were so portable and small enough, literally to fit in your pocket!

8. Care Bears

There were so many of these, each with a different icon on its front representing an emotion or feeling, and they were very cute and looked great if you had lots of them!

9. Pogo Balls

The ball that had been trapped in a mini hula-hoop that you stood on and jumped around. If you could do it, great, but most people (myself included) went flat on their face or simply couldn’t get it to jump!

10. Action Force (GI Joe)

Action Force against Cobra the enemy… Anyone else remember humming along to that tune whenever the advert for these cool toys came on TV?

11. Finders Keepers

These little guys were cute and also useful as they had secret compartments on their backs which you could unlock and keep all your secret things hidden away.

12. Army Men

These were so simple, little green soldiers in various army-type positions, and if you had lots of them you could play out some massive battle scenes!

13. Madballs

These were creepy and very gruesome, but that’s what we loved about them! Great for a game of catch, better for a game of Wounded Soldier as they really hurt!

14. Boglins

These little guys were awesome! Coming in a box as if they had just been delivered from another country, they sprang to life when you inserted your hand in these puppet toys!

15. Star Wars

How could a list of toys we grew up with possibly not include Star Wars!? The ultimate collectible, but if we knew then what we knew now we’d have bought two of each and kept one unboxed!

What was your favourite toy growing up? Which toy do you remember unwrapping on Christmas Day as a kid and simply being far too excited for your own good? Let us know all your thoughts and memories in the comments as always!