15 Toys Every ’80s and ’90s Kid Wanted for Christmas

Christmas was the best time to ask for some of the most ridiculous presents on the market.  However, most of the time, we did get them because our parents were good and so we thrived on these toys and games because these are the things that defined our childhood. Here’s a list of toys that you just had to have:

1. Moon Shoes.

These were supposed to make you feel as if you were walking on the moon.

2. Tickle Me Elmo.

Our parents were fighting each other in the isles over this toy!

3. Power Glove.

I guess playing video games with regular controllers was just too easy!

4. Super Soaker 200.

This was heavy and hard to operate but we just had to have it!

5. Castle Grayskull.

This was the ultimate toy if you were a fan of He-Man. The skull front door was absolutely cool!

6. GI Joe USS Flagg.

A fantastic toy but you had to have a room large enough for it!

7. Talkboy.

This movie made this toy a hit!  We could record anything and then change the sound of it.

8. Teddy Ruxpin.

This talking teddy bear would read to you when your parents were too busy to do this.

9. Crossfire.

This was a pretty popular game that we all had to have.

10. Turtle Van.

Because your turtles needed a cool vehicle to travel in.

11. Tamagotchi.

This digital pet died if you didn’t take care of it!  It was hard to do.

12. Creepy Crawlers.

This toy melted plastic!

13. Gak.

This was the same as Silly Putty.

14. Nintendo 64.

Any new gaming console was a hit at Christmas!

15. Pound Puppies.

The problem with these cute puppies was that you wanted to have them all!