15 Things We All Wanted To Find In Our Easter Basket As Kids

Easter was a magical time for kids and it was almost as special as Christmas in that we got gifts and lots of candy in our Easter baskets.  Also, these baskets seemed to be custom made for every kid and we looked forward to everything that the Easter Bunny saw fit to feed us.  Here is a list of awesome stuff that you looked forward to in your Easter baskets:

1. Easter Grass.

The best part was finding candy at the bottom of this grass like a mini hunt right in the basket!

2. Foil Chocolate Eggs.

The more, the better!  We couldn’t get enough of these.  They were delicious!

3. Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg.

Any name brand candy was a bonus.  Especially this one that only hit the shelves once a year.

4. Robin Eggs.

These adorable little eggs were a nice addition to your basket treats.

5. Easter M&M’s.

They came in all of the great colors of this Holiday.

6. Chocolate On A Stick.

If the chocolate came in the shape of a bunny rabbit, we were thrilled! Especially one that had a cute little face like this.

7. Smarties Butterfly.

These were a cute way to decorate a classic candy like this one.

8. Cadbury Mini Eggs.

Now we’re talking!  This stuff was premium Easter candy at its finest!

9. Cadbury Creme Eggs.

In the center of this was a delicious, creamy goodness that has become a classic for this Holiday.

10. Marshmallow Peeps.

These sugary peeps came in different colors but underneath it all they were all marshmallow goodness!

11. Plastic Eggs With Jelly Beans Inside.

In order to finish filling up our baskets, these plastic eggs were used and filled up with classic jelly beans.  It was perfect!

12. Plastic Eggs Filled With Money.

The only thing better than candy was finding money instead.

13. Solid Chocolate Bunny.

No basket was complete without this!  We started eating the ears first.

14. Easter Sweet Tarts.

These only came out once a year and so they were highly anticipated.

15. The Leftovers On The Bottom.

When you thought that it was all gone, you found this!