Bill and Ted has to be one of the most significant films that I ever watch in my life. But there were some things about the movie that I didn’t know until now! Check out these 15 facts about Bill and Ted.

1. One of the members of Linkin Park is featured in the film.

The guitarist Brad Delson appeared as an extra in the sequal.

2. There are a few different rock star cameos in the movie.

Did you know that Primus was the group that was playing at the Battle of the Bands before the Wyld Stallyns.

3. There is a comic book adaptation.

Marvel Comics released a single issue and it was so popular that it went on for another 12 issues.

4. You can find several Star Trek connections.

The mountain that Bill and Ted are brought to be killed was the very same mountain that Captain Kirk climbs in Star Trek: Arena. We saw the guys watching this in their apartment.

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5. Garfield was the voice of Satan!

Frank Welker voice quite a few different characters besides Garfield.

6. Bill and Ted have been referenced by various films and TV shows.

7. This film grossed almost as much as the original.

The film opened with $10m in the US – $4m more than the original managed two years previously.

In the long run, Excellent Adventure proved to be the winner, grossing $40m compared to Bogus Journey’s $38m.

8. Joss Ackland only made an appearance because of a bet.

He didn’t even like the film but made an appearance because of a bet he had with a family member.

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9. There are a lot of backwards words!

The incantation that Missy uses in the séance scene, “D’lrow eht elur lliw sirhc dna de” spells “Ed and Chris will rule the world” backwards, a reference to the film’s writers Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson.

10. William Sadler who played death also played it in the first movie.

11. Sadler actually played two roles in the film.

You can also find him with the English family during the Battle of the Bands scene.

12. The director got this job because of a short film starring Todd Carty.

Thanks to his work on 1989’s The Candy Room, British director Pete Hewitt was surely a lucky guy!

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13. The movie originally was going to have a different name.

The movie was actually going to be called Bill and Ted Go to Hell. But they feared that the title would scare off too many people so they changed it.

14. Kiss got their biggest UK hit from the movie.

15. There many be a threequel coming out.

We have been hearing chatter that there might be another movie making this one of the coolest trilogies ever made!