15 Things That Prove McDonald’s Was The Best In The 80s/90s!

We cannot ever forget all of the great times that we spent at McDonald’s whether it was having a simple lunch with our parents or having a full-blown birthday party there! The reason that it was so great had very little to do with the food and much more to do with the atmosphere.  The whole place was tailored towards kids and it made us want to go there all of the time whether we liked the food or not. Take a look at these great pictures and you too will be transported back in time:

1. The endless maze.

We used to crawl through these for hours!

2. The ball pit.

Then we would dive into the pool of plastic balls.

3. N64 Stations.

They even had these games!

4. Outdoor PlayPlace.

This was great to be able to play on all of this stuff while you waited for your food.

5. Burger seats.

These were a blast to sit on.

6. Bouncing Fish Burger.

This was odd but fun.

7. Hanging with friends.

The best part was meeting up with your friends there.

8. Fry Kids.

We all had our favorite color.

9. Mayor McCheese.

The characters that they used on these playgrounds were the best!

10. Jail time.

This was like pretending you were in jail except that it was fun!

11. Shoe rack.

This was where you put your shoes while you were playing on everything.

12. Kids Dining Area.

We had our own place to sit and eat away from the adults.

13. McDonald’s Tree.

He had the friendliest smile!

14. Bouncing Grimace.

They had tons of different characters to entertain us.

15. Birthday parties.

You were the coolest kid if you had a party there!