There are so many things to think about in the run up to a wedding, or indeed an engagement. One of the first and most important things to think about is the ring. Just what sort of ring suits you?

With so many options about, how are you supposed to choose one? From colourful centre stones, vintage inspired designs, multiple bands, it’s difficult to know what to go for.


Well hopefully we can make that decision that little bit easier for you. We have the scoop on what is ‘in’ right now in terms of bridal jewellery. Check out these popular ring trends that you can shop for right now…

15. Rose Gold

It’s no secret that rose gold has had a resurgence of popularity. It is a happy medium between the modern and sheer appeal of white gold, and the classic feel of yellow gold. It is essentially a new option for those who are looking for something a little different.

13. Morganite

If you don’t have a hefty budget, but are lusting over a pink diamond, morganite is an excellent alternative. It is made of the same mineral as emeralds and aquamarines, and comes in an array of pastel pink hues.

Unlike diamonds, it won’t cut a massive hole in your budget, so you will be able to afford a bigger stone!

12. Diamond Alternatives

If you’re not a fan of colourful gems, but still don’t want (or can’t afford) a diamond, there are plenty of alternatives out there for you!

Moissanite, grey sapphires and white topaz all look similar to white diamonds, but all cost considerably less. When it’s on your finger and sparkling magnificently, does it matter if it’s not diamond? It will still look beautiful.

11. Nature-Inspired Accents

It’s nearly Spring, which means engagement rings are blooming with flowers, petals, vines and other motifs straight from the garden! These nature-inspired accents embodying the stone are a hot favourite right now.

The details of nature, the patterns of the leaves and the delicacy of petals gives a whimsical detail to a classic style.

10. Vintage-Inspired Designs

Sometimes when looking forwards, you have to look to the past. Why not take a cue and go for a vintage-inspired ring.

Instead of something ultra-modern, consider something with a classic Victorian or art deco edge. A ring with the quality of an heirloom is a timeless classic.

9. Double Shanks

The only thing better than one band of diamonds is multiple bands of diamonds. The crossing of the two bands like two elegant waves are twice and pretty.

It gives a ring a more architectural, fashion-forward feel to the standard one-band ring.


8. Three-Stone Rings

If Kate Middleton inspired a resurgence of sapphire rings, then Meghan Markle leads the way for the popularity of the three-stone ring.

Not one, not two, but three diamonds! Also called a triology setting, three stones in a ring historically represents a couple’s past, present and future together. So not only does it look gorgeous, but it holds sentimental value too.

7. Delicate Settings

If you’re after something a little more delicate and sleek, then a smaller centre stone set around a simpler setting gives a dainty and feminine feel.

Engagement and wedding rings are the perfect example that bigger is not always necessarily bigger, and there are plenty of examples to prove this.

6. Hexagonal Halos

The geometrical angles of a diamond are what makes them sparkle and draws people into their beauty. The sharp lines and classic, multiple edges are a big draw.

Well why not continue this geometric beauty to the halo, usually a ring of pavé diamonds encircling the centre stone, and have a hexagonal halo instead. This shape will accentuate the size of your centre stone.

5. East-West Settings

A diamond cut to an emerald shape is already pretty unique, the rectangular feel and sloping edges are extremely decadent and beautiful.

Positioning it horizontally on the band, also called an east-wing setting, allows the stone and ring to stand out even further from the rest.

4. Pear-Shaped and Marquise-Cut Diamonds

Usually centre stones are round-cut, and these are certainly the most popular style of centre stone. However, pear-shaped and marquise-cut diamonds are making a comeback.

One appeal about these tapered cuts is that they instantly slim and elongate your fingers.

3. Two-Stone Rings

This ring is perhaps more fashion-forward than any other on the list. Two-stone rings are extremely popular right now.

It certainly has a more informal feel that a solitaire setting, but it makes more of a statement than purely just wearing a band. To make it even more unique, opt for an open setting, and why not have two different diamond shapes?

2. Stacking Bands

This truly unique style of ring is special because of its customisability. You can build up as many bands as you like, representing different milestones in your life or marriage. There are no limits where you can stop.

The design consists of two crown-shaped bands that fit together to form a larger ring. You can wear them alone, showing off the crown-like design, or pair them up to make a more ornate look.

1. Twisted Settings

If you want something more traditional, but something a little off the beaten track, a twisted band can add interest to a white metal setting, and it doesn’t detract from the centre stone.

The band is given movement by twisting it, allowing for elegant curves to form across the entire band of the ring, which looks classy and different all at once.

We hope this has helped the difficulty of choosing a ring that slight bit easier. If you would like to make it easier for your guests in deciding what to gift you, why not click on any of the adverts and create your very own Amazon wedding wish-list.

It will help avoid those unwanted presents.