From an extremely early age, music speaks to us. Before a child can even grasp language they can understand the sounds of a song, tapping their feet and waving their hands to the rhythm, listening intently to the sounds that are invading their ears.

Whilst we were growing up there were a multitude of toys and gadgets available to help us develop our musical skills, and we’ve compiled the following list in an attempt to take you down a tuneful memory lane.

How many of the following 15 musical toys and gadgets did you own when you were a child? Which was your favourite? And are there any obvious omissions you can’t you believe that we haven’t included?

1. Fisher-Price Musical Television

This may have been simple, and it only played one or two songs and a handful of rotating images, but it was hypnotic, and we suspect that even as adults we could watch it for hours and hours!


2. Tunyville Choo Choo Train

Does this bring back any distant memories from when you were a little kid?

It certainly does for us. Who can forget the plastic ‘vinyl’ records and their tiny little grooves?


3. Stylophone

Did you (or your parents) own one of these? We’ll never forget the electronic noises you could produce with them!


4. Frog Chorus

We had completely forgotten about this until we saw the photo.

You press the key, a note emits, and more importantly, a frog opens his mouth. Genius.


5. Fisher-Price Portable Record Player

This fills us with so much nostalgia we almost want to cry. Our own little portable record player, just like mummy and daddy’s.


6. Mattel ‘The Farmer Says’

We bet a number of you owned this, or at least one very similar.


7. Fisher-Price Activity Centre

We remember this one even though we can only have been a couple of years old when we played it.

The red button that you bashed to get the bell to ring was a particular favourite.


8. Major Morgan

Major Morgan ‘the electronic organ’ was a great piece of kit that had us composing absolute masterpieces. Did you own one?


9. Casio Keyboard

Some of us were lucky enough to persuade our parents to buy us one of these when we were old enough.

We worked our way up to grade 8 piano in no time!


10. Echo Microphones

Every kid loved these, and they only cost a few quid. Who needs expensive studio equipment when a bit of plastic can make your voice sound so great?


11. Fisher-Price Mobile

Sending children to sleep for generations, Fisher-Price really know what they’re doing.

Even though we were very little when we owned this, if we heard the lullaby music it plays again now I suspect it would still send us off to the land of nod.


12. Teddy Ruxpin

Not a musical toy as such, but Teddy Ruxpin could of course sing and talk to us with the ‘help’ of cassettes.

He was also so real that it almost a bit creepy, reminding us of those ‘Child’s Play’ films where the toy comes to life in the middle of the night.


13. Tomy ‘Bring Along A Song’

Did anyone have this? You would probably have to have been born slightly into the 1980s to remember owning one.


14. Fisher-Price Cassette Tape Player

This little thing gave us hours of fun; playing our story and music cassettes, recording ourselves talking or singing, making our own little stories.

The possibilities were endless.


15. Fisher-Price Marching Band Set

Because every little kid loves to bash stuff! We remember owning some cymbals, and boy could they make a massive noise!