We’re definitely not aiming to make fun of the the way people choose to present themselves in photos in posts such as these, as we’re sure that many of us have had some extremely questionable snaps taken over the years!


Instead, we’re here to celebrate some hilariously awkward yearbook snaps, marvel at their brilliance, and express how much we admire and respect them. So please settle down for a little bit of fun, as we present the following ‘15 Hilariously Awkward Yearbook Photos’…


This photo could only have been taken in the 1980s, such is the brilliance and volume of this young lady’s hair.

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Personally we would love to see these styles coming back into fashion!


Crying? Smiling? Grimacing? To be honest we’re struggling to decipher the expression this young gentleman is sporting on this rather awkward shot, but we bet he wished he lived in the digital generation where this snap could be deleted and another one quickly taken.


Oh yes!

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The combination of the shades and the wonderful hairdo give this young lady a confidence that radiates off the photo.


We suspect that this young man was going for ‘cheeky’ or ‘cooky,’ but instead he seems to have achieved ‘crazy’ or ‘mentally challenged.’


We’ve tried, we really have tried, but we’re still not sure exactly what kind of hairstyle this is.

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It certainly gives this young man a rather distinctive and individual look, but we wonder if he doesn’t look back on this photograph with a tinge of regret.


There was a time when this hairstyle would have been considered cool, but when you look back on it now you can’t quite believe that was ever the case.


This gentleman may have a questionable haircut, but he wears it with such confidence and assuredness that we think he just about gets away with it.

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You do you!


He’s gone for a smile, we really do think he’s gone for a smile. He hasn’t quite achieved it, but at least he went for it.


We suspect that this young man may not have chosen to style his eyebrows the way he has.

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If we were forced to place a bet then we’d put it on something involving ‘friends’ and ‘alcohol.’


We’re not sure exactly what this school / college kid has tied to their hair here. Is it handkerchiefs? Crisp packets? We’ll leave you to decide for yourself.


Pick up a dictionary, find the word ‘awkward,’ and we’re pretty sure that this photo will be displayed as the exact definition.

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There’s all sorts of things going wrong here.


We’re not sure about the ‘staring into the distance’ style of many of these photos. We much prefer it when people look directly into the camera’s lens, and this photo gives a very good reason why.


‘Hair’ is definitely the star of this photo, but we’re sure you’ll agree that the red bow tie does round up the look rather nicely.

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The ‘curly on top and straight at the sides’ look seems to have been extremely popular in the 1980s, but we can’t say that it’s a style we’d like to see returning any time soon.


This young lady obviously thought that she wasn’t tall enough already, so decided to sport another hairdo that could only ever have existed in the great decade that was the 1980s.

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