15 Hilarious Ways To Describe Your Age Without Using Numbers That Are Super Relatable

There comes a time when we all need to realize that age is creeping up.  Often times, that realization occurs when we are able to recall something that today’s generation would know nothing about.  It is then that it becomes apparent that we are going old and for that reason, we put together a new and hilarious way to describe your age without actually saying it!  In this way, perhaps you’ll make some new, old friends who will also know exactly what you are going through. Take a look:

1. The antenna adjustment.

We can all relate to this one.

2. No late night TV.

We had to just go to bed or read a book.

3. One hit wonders.

A lot of song on one CD!

4. Lunchbox and matching thermos.

It had to match.

5. A lost art.

I wonder why they stopped teaching this?

6. Mullets and rats.

Which one were you?

7. Rushing home to watch these.

They were often full of good information.

8. Tape recording.

They never turned out great but at least you could hear your favorite song again!


Devoted fans.

10. That annoying sound.

Admit it, you can still hear it today!  You might even be able to guess how long it lasted!

11. Keeping the phone line busy.

Thankfully, they changed all of that. Just in time for cell phones!

12. The name says it all.

All of that energy!  Too much!

13. The first screen name ever.

Too funny!

14. You had to listen to the whole thing.

There was no real sense in trying to find your favorite song.  Just pop it in and let it play!

15. Yep, this was a cool game!

This had a ton of great games that we could play on the go.