15 Hilarious And Bizarre Video Game Covers From The 80s

The covers of these video games were designed to help sell them back in the 80s.   However, some of them really went too far.  Take a look at these covers and see if you can remember buying one of these games. They are hilarious!

1. Dice Puzzle.

This game was all about rolling the dice.  Good thing we never actually have to roll them.

2. Bad Dudes.

This was about president Ronald Regan getting kidnapped by ninjas.  Well, not if these ‘Bad Dudes’ could help it.

3. Skateboard Joust.

We all loved riding skateboards back then but now we could also defeat werewolves/vampires while doing it!

4. Burger Time.

He was in hiding in the hamburger the whole time!

5. Wood & Water Rage.

His name was Thrilla Gorilla!  Who didn’t want to play this game?

6. Uninvited.

This skeleton couldn’t wait to see how many visitors he actually got.

7. Bad Cat.

Back then, ‘bad’ meant ‘good’.

8. Nuclear War.

It was a very real threat for decades and now it was a video game!

9. Donkey Kong.

This cover really embellished what both of these video characters looked like.

10. Millipede.

This was about being shrunk down to a tiny character who had to fight off a giant millipede.

11. Dr. Chaos.

No doctor was worth all of this trouble!

12. Leisure Suit Larry.

This 38-year-old was trying to lose his virginity. In case you didn’t notice by the cover.

13. Planetfall.

This guy looks like he was ready to clean all of the floors on the planet!

14. Pac-Man.

We never imagined what Pac-Man would look like with a body.  Now, we didn’t have to.

15. Ninja.

He was passionate about more than just golf!