15 Facts About The Harry Potter Films That Will Blow Your Mind!


Even the most ardent and hardcore Potter-fiends won’t have noticed these 15 things in the Harry Potter Movies – Have you noticed any of them?

The Harry Potter films are some of the most successful of all time, having taken hundred of millions of dollars at the box office, and making stars of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. There are some serious Potter nuts out there who like to think they know everything about the films, and they even have Potter-themed parties to watch the films with like-minded individuals.

Use the following facts to amaze any of these individuals that you come across…

15 – There are more to the patronuses than you realise!

Hermione’s Patronus, the charm that repels Dementors, is an otter, Ron’s is a Jack Russell Terrier, a breed of dog that are known for chasing otters – a clue to the fact that they end up together by the end of the series.

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Even films like Harry Potter, that have huge budgets and dozens of people behind the scenes making sure things go smoothly, have mistakes in them. Ever noticed that in the first film Ron’s hair partin changes from centre to side when they’re on the Hogwarts Express? Or that in the same film there are visible wires suspending the “floating candles” in the Great Hall? Or that in The Prisoner of Azkaban the cast’s microphone power packs are clearly visible under their clothing? No? You will now! And there are other gaffs throughout the series – how many have you spotted?

13 – Danielle Radlciffe was often drunk in charge of his character!

Many Potter fans are already aware that Daniel Radcliffe battled alcoholism during the time he spent filming some of the films in the series, but did you know that he was actually half-cut when he films some of the scenes? Daniel has even admitted himself, “I can point tain o many scenes where I’m just gone. Dead behind the eyes.” It’s not entirely certain which scenes they are, but many believe the scene depicting Aragog’s death when Harry Potter drinks the liquid luck may be one of them. Does this change your opinions of Radcliffe, or do you actually think it makes his talent even greater that he could act through this?

12 – Ever wondered why Neville’s Rememberall turned red?

You won’t believe that you missed this one – Neville is sent a Rememberall, a device that turns red when you forget something. It’s not long before it turns red for Neville and he says he can’t remember what it is he’s forgotten – have you noticed he’s the only one not wearing a robe?? Nope, neither had we!

11 – Dumbledore and Sirius’ death were predicted by the number 13.

Professor Trelawney isn’t always speaking nonsense. Case in point being when she is invited to sit at the table but says “I dare not, Headmaster! If i join the table, we shall be thirteen! Nothing could be more unlucky! Never forget that when thirteen dines together, the first to rise will be the first to die.” What she doesn’t realise is that Ron’s pet Scabbers is there and is actually Peter Pettigrew in disguise, therefore there are already 13 there and Dumbledore is the first to rise! The same thing happens for Sirius, too, proving that she was right about some things!

10 – The wands are connected to the characters’ Birthdays in the Celtic Calendar

Did you know that the Celtic Calendar has a different wood for each month of the year? As an example, July is Holly and Harry’s Birthday is in July and his wand made of Holly. Hermione’s is Vine and Ron’s Ash, both linking to their Birthdays too.

9 – No-one knows if Harry’s scar is in the right place.

Everyone knows that Harry’s scar is a defining feature that people recognise about him, but in the books it is never explained exactly where on his forehead the scar is. Original art for the books had it placed in the centre of his forehead but in the films it’s to the side. No-one knows for sure where it’s meant to be!

8 – Harry’s Aunt made references to meeting Snape as early as Order of the Phoenix.

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Another of those moments where you can connect the dots later on, in Order of the Phoenix Petunia reveals she knew what Dementors were and says “I heard that awful boy telling her about them years ago.” It’s not until later in the series when we see flashbacks that we realise she is referencing Severus Snape who her sister befriended. It’s so obvious when you look back at it!

7. Hidden meanings from Snape


6 – Product Placement in the Potterverse

If you look closely during the films there is the odd bit of product placement, though far fewer than in many films. Luna Lovegood wearing high-top Converse for example, and Harry wearing a Belstaff jacket. Have you noticed any others?

5 – Does Wormtail always wear the same kind of clothes?

When Wormtail changes back in to Scabbers the rat, his clothes are left behind as he runs off to try and find his master, Voldemort. But then in a later film he has the same clothes on – did he go back to Hogwarts to get the clothes or did he have spares?

4 – Tonks’ hair is the wrong colour!

In the books, Tonks’ hair is bright pink, but in the film it’s purple. The reason for the difference? The producers decided that as Professor Umbridge was so associated with the colour pink, they wanted there to be no cross-over when it came to Tonks’ scenes so made it purple.

3 – There are similarities throughout the events of the books

Many events in the films are mirrored as the films go on – in the first film Harry sees his parents in the Mirror of Erised, then again in the final film after using the resurrection stone. In the Chamber of Secrets there is a dangerous book (Riddle’s Diary) and in the penultimate story The Halfblood Prince, there is another dangerous book belonging to Snape. There are other similarities too, have you noticed any?


2 – Hedwig should be silent, but isn’t…

One of Harry’s closest friends is his owl, Hedwig who was bought for him by Hagrid. But What is unusual is that Hedwig makes noises and hoots like an owl… but Snowy Owls are silent so this shouldn’t be the case! J. K Rowling admitted this was a mistake on her part as she didn’t realise, but most Potter fans just put it down to Hedwig being a magical creature – plot hole sorted!

1 – Cedric’s death was foretold in the very first film!

We shouldn’t really be surprised by anything at this point, but we still are! Ronan the centaur says to Hagrid in the first film that the innocent are always the first victims when talking about a unicorn that has been hurt. Why is this significant? In the fourth film, Cedric is the first victim when they are resurrecting Voldemort and he is an innocent who is not involved in the situation at all, and his wand is made with unicorn hair!

Is your mind blown as much as ours? We bet it is, so let us know all your thoughts in the comments as always!

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