15 Discontinued Fast Food Items That Make You Want To Go Back In Time

Remember all of those delicious fast foods that we used to drool over?  Well, now a lot of the good ones are gone and we can’t understand why because they were so perfect!  Perhaps if we demand their return, the fast foods places will begin to supply them again.  Otherwise, we are doomed to only looking at these yummy, discontinued foods:

1. Cupcake Milkshake.

Burger King created the perfect combination of desserts and we wish that they would bring this one back.

2. Arch Deluxe.

This was a fancy hamburger for those who wanted someone better than the average burger.  Unfortunately, nobody wanted to pay more for quality.

3. Burger Shots.

These tiny burgers were the perfect batch for those who were just passing through and wanted a quick box of goodness.

4. Fried Apple Pies.

Everyone loved these! They were the only apple pies that you could eat on the go.  Why can’t we have them back?

5. Cinnamon Funnel Sticks.

These funnel cakes with icing were a great way to fill up. Too bad we will never eat them again.

6. Cini-Minis.

Burger King has the cutest, little cinnamon rolls that were a perfect breakfast treat. Who could go wrong with Cini-Minis?

7. Pizza Hut Burger Crust.

A burger wrapped in a pizza crust. This was a brilliant idea! Apparently, it never caught on.  We should’ve bought more of these! Give us another chance?

8. Ribs From Burger King.

Now, just because they are the ‘Burger’ kings doesn’t mean that we have to deny ourselves other forms of meat.  These were delicious.

9. Sonic French Toaster Breakfast Sandwich.

These are still available but without the tasty sugar to give it some kick!  Plus, this toast was replaced with just regular toast.  No fun!

10. Brownie Sandwich.

This was made by Taco Bell and it was served best late at night to those with a chocolate appetite!

11. XXL Chalupa.

Another Taco Bell creation that continues to come and go but mostly we notice when it’s gone.

12. Stuffed Pita.

Wendy’s made this and it was a healthy alternative to hamburgers. That’s probably why it didn’t last.

13. Mint Ogreload McFlurry.

Well, this was obviously a promotional thing but why do we have to let it go just because the movie is old? Just rename it and bring it back.

14. Hot Dogs.

Well, we can still get hot dogs but never from McDonald’s anymore.

15. Mac & Cheese Bites.

These were from Jack In The Box and it was pure delight eating our favorite side dish with our fingers like this.