“I’m hungry”. “But I’m still hungry”…

Those of you who are parents will be familiar with these words, usually coming in between meal times. But if we’re honest we can admit that it was no different when we were children, and luckily for us there was a vast selection of tasty (and often unhealthy) snacks for us to choose from back in the 80s, from which we’ve selected 15 of our favourites for you to salivate over…

How many of the following snacks do you remember eating when you were a child? Which was your favourite? And which snack can you not believe that we haven’t included?

1. KP Choc Dips

We begin with an absolute blinder, but were we the only ones who always ran out of chocolate dip too soon?

2. Wildlife Bars

Remember these? The chocolate tasted so much better when the wrapper was adorned with our favourite animal!

3. McVitie’s Gold

Thankfully these are still available for us to enjoy as adults!

4. Lunchables

Making our own sandwich with these was great fun, just don’t ask what they put in the ham to make it last so long…

5. Highland Toffee

Goodbye teeth, hello dentist!

6. Penguins

An old favourite, and of course they are still available and popular today.

7. Pop Tarts

The choice of flavours has expanded over the years, as have the warnings not to burn yourself on the things. Personally we loved the frosted strawberry flavour the most, which was your favourite?

8. Wagon Wheels

We got away with asking for these as a snack because they weren’t chocolate ‘bars’ as such. And luckily for us, back in our childhood not only were we much smaller, but the wheels were much bigger!

9. Trio

Another chocolate snack that our parents sometimes kept hidden away in an out of reach cupboard. We wanted a Trio and we wanted one now!

10. Sports Biscuits

Remember these? Why is it that things tasted so much better when they had an interesting picture on the front?

11. Custard Creams

We could have picked any number of delicious biscuits, but the custard creams were a particular favourite of ours.

12. Fruit Roll Ups

We got away with this because they had the word ‘fruit’ in the title, but did anyone actually believe they were healthy?

13. Space Raiders

Again, we could have picked any number of crisps that we loved to snack on as kids, but these were a particular favourite, as well as being rather cheap.

14. Fry’s Five Centre

These were dark chocolate but with pictures of fruit on the wrapper to confuse our parents into thinking they were healthy!

15. Live Savers

These hardly filled us up, but were great for keeping us quiet until tea time.

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