15 Back To School Supplies That All 80s Kids Will Recognize

One of the best things about going back to school is being set up with all of the best supplies. School took a lot of organization and if your parents were good to you, plenty of style as well! Here is a list of items that you are sure to recall when you see them after all this time:

1. Pencil cases with lunch money pocket.

Perhaps you were bad when it came to handling your money and so this would keep it safe until lunchtime.

2. Lunch pails with matching thermos of your favorite character.

This was the single most important item that you picked out because you had to be sure that you’d still like that character throughout the school year.

My Little Pony.

Masters of the Universe.


3. Trapper Keeper.

These were just as important because you had to look at this all school year.

4. Boxed pencil set.

These were unique to us all as well. So many to chose from.

5. Breakfast cereal.

Now, we get to have the good cereal again!

6. Backpacks.

There were so many to choose from! We loved it.

7. Matching tracksuits.

This was an easy fix for anyone who didn’t know what to wear.

Girls too.

8. Sticker album.

Collecting stickers was a big deal.

9. Hair accessories.

10. Swatch watches.

Keeping a schedule was important and these watches were cool!

11. Jelly shoes

Too many colors to choose from!

12. High top sneakers.

Getting a new pair of shoes was the best!

13. Pleated pants.

It was easier to use the pockets with these.

14. New eyeglasses.

For those who needed them, at least we got a new pair before school.

15. Lisa Frank.

She was the rainbow of school supplies.