15 Struggles That We Dealt With Everyday As Kids


Times were a little different when we were growing up than they are today and most people like to say that it’s the journey that counts.  So, if that’s true than our journey is what made us the people that we are today!  Here’s your journey:

1. Corded Phones.

These phones were usually located in the kitchen where you were tethered for the entire call.

2. Dying of Dysentery.

This was called, ‘The Oregon Trail’ and it was supposed to teach us about our past.

3. Record Stores.

This is where you found the newest music on the market.  We spent hours looking and, even more, time deciding which ones to buy.

4. Dial Up Internet.

The sound that it made was awful but still worth it go on ‘The Internet’.

5. Reading A Map.

We had to pull over the car and take a moment to check out the map.

6. Be Kind Rewind.

This was the message that everyone tried to adhere to out of courtesy for the next renter.

7. Passing Notes In Class.

The worst was getting caught! These notes usually contained sensitive information.

8. Scratched CDs.

This meant that you had no more music!

9. TV Guides.

We didn’t have a special channel that told us where to go.  We had to find out for ourselves with this.

10. Fixing The Game By Blowing In It.

For whatever reason, they didn’t always work until you did this.

11. Making A Mix Tape.

This took hours to and so it was really special when it was done.

12. Not Being Able To Google.

Back then, nobody really knew anything for sure unless you looked it up in books!

13. One Hour Photo.

The fastest way to get your photos! Until now.

14. Memorizing Phone Numbers.

This was an incredible feat!

15. Who Shot Mr. Burns?

We didn’t have Google so we had to re-watch the episodes to try to figure it out over the summer.