As a kid growing up in the 1980s, there was a hell of a lot to learn about. Walking into the kitchen and seeing my mum using all these fancy gadgets was a real wonder.

In this list, we have tried to put together a load of objects from the kitchen that really bring back memories as they are things we don’t really see too much of these days.

1. Sodastream

I bet you wanted on of these? Did you have one? I remember as we pumped the machine, it made a strange squeaking noise. And the thing nobody ever seemed to mention was how bad the drinks tasted after all that messing about.

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2. Soup Bowls

These were given away by petrol stations. They then tended to sit in the back of your cupboard gathering dust as nobody really wanted to use them.

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3. Tupperware

After mum came home from a Tupperware party our house was filled with these. Clearly they still make this but now it tends to be more transparent and modern looking. If you ask me, the original is still the best!

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4. Glass Mugs

Can you remember using these? Tea always seemed to taste so much better when it was served in one of these beauties. And they never seemed to break. In fact, why are all mugs not glass!

5. Hornsea Pottery

Everyone had these! Especially remember seeing thin in my nana’s house.

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6. Recipe Cards

These were in every kitchen in the 70s and 80s but did you use them? Ours were no where near as neat and tidy as the ones pictured below.

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7. Chipper

Who else loved eggs, chips, and beans? The problem was, they were so hard to clean before we had dishwashers that they ended up rusty and looking totally gross.

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8. Potato Crimper

Did you enjoy crimped potatoes? Hand made and home friend. They were the best!

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9. Bush Radio

Who had one of these in their kitchen?

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10. Electric Knife

Dad used this every Christmas! Again, it was only really used once a year and in-between times it basically sat in the cupboard getting in the way.

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11. When This Was The Height Of Modern

From the dodgy wallpaper to the “state of the art” colour schemes. This used to be the height of fashion.

12. Hostess Trolley

The height of sophistication. These trollies were actually never used and just sat in the corner gathering dust.

13. Early Microwaves.

These were only for the really posh families who could afford one as they cost an absolute fortune.

14. Pyrex Dishes.

All mums bloody loved a bit of Pyrex!