Whilst not all of us enjoyed school, we can still definitely enjoy some of the amazing memories we have from our time in education. Here are 14 of our very favourites, and please don’t forget to share yours by adding a comment…

1. Forgetting Our Lunch Box

Many of us, at some point in our school days, will have experienced that awful moment when we realised that we had left our lunch box at home. It wasn’t awful because we knew we would go hungry, we could deal with that. It was awful because we knew that any moment, our mum or dad would be showing their embarrassing face in our classroom, handing our forgotten lunch to us in as cringe worthy fashion as they could muster…

2. Amazing Lunch Box Artwork

…But worry we didn’t, because whilst our parents definitely made us go red faced by their mere presence, our fantastic lunch boxes did not. They came adorned with all manner of our favourite TV shows and films, and we absolutely loved them! Which one did you have?

3. BBC Micro Computers

These days the kids have far more processing power in their phones than we had in these massive computers. Which software do you remember using?

4. Wind Up Pencil Sharpeners

Admit it, you purposely broke the lead in your pencil so you could use these amazing pencil sharpeners. Are we right?

5. Amazing Stationary

Whilst school should have been a time of learning lots and developing our social skills, for many of us it was sometimes a negative experience. Thankfully it wasn’t all bad, and looking back at some of the amazing stationery we used has definitely brought back some lovely positive memories of our school years! From 3D Rulers and Rainbow Heart Rubbers to Troll Pencil Toppers and Multi-Coloured Biros, we had so much fun. Which did you own?

6. Signing Shirts At The End Of The Year

Surely every school allowed the signing of each-other’s shirts on the last day? Personally we were very concerned about all the rude words that our parents might then see!

7. Overhead Projectors

These days the kids have interactive boards that do all kinds of fancy stuff. Us? We had dodgy projectors where the teacher had to replace the acetate sheet to get to the next ‘slide’. PowerPoint this was definitely not.

8. Hating P.E. Lessons

A poll in 2009 found that P.E. lessons are our ‘worst school memory’. Almost a third (29.3%) of those asked said that PE lessons were their unhappiest experience at primary and secondary school, with women more likely to have bad memories that men (34% compared to 21.3%). And it’s hardly surprising is it? We spent what felt like hours climbing ropes in the gym or running across muddy fields in a stupid little vest and shorts. How could that ever have been fun?

9. Dodgy P.E. Equipment

From shaky wall apparatus to balancing on rickety benches or trying to jump over the ‘horse’, there was no worry about our health and safety in those days. In fact, the more chance there was of us getting injured, the better our P.E. teacher liked it, without fear of any reprimand on their part.

10. School Dinners

If we didn’t have a packed lunch we ate the school dinners, and we don’t know about you but we absolutely loved them! Before Jamie Oliver came along and made everything healthy, boy did they tasted good!

11. Dot Matrix Printers

We bet you also remember the paper that went into these old school printers, especially how difficult it was to insert and how often it used to jam.

12. Playground Crazes

These days the school playgrounds are highly restrictive in terms of what you can and can’t play with (ie, you can’t play with anything). But back in the days of our youth, anything went. From collectable cards to marbles, from computer games to edible bracelets, we pretty much did what we wanted.

13. Old Style Desks

The old wooden desks were rife with possibilities, from hiding things in them to adding graffiti to them. Kids these days don’t know what they’re missing.

14. Golden Gum Glue

Remember this? We bet that one look at this picture has brought back memories of using the bendy red nozzle to stick some paper or card together.

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