Can you define an 80s girl in just 14 items? Maybe not, but we’ve certainly given it a go! Please cast your eyes on the following things that we believe will remind all 80s girls of their childhood, and feel free to post a comment letting us know how many of them you owned, as well as which was your very favourite!

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1. A La Carte Kitchen

A La Carte Kitchen was released by Bluebird Toys in 1982, and featured a sink on one side and a cooker on the other, as well as a fold down table and two wheels that meant we could wheel it around our house.

Were you lucky enough to own one?

2. Clarks Magic Step Shoes

Clarks Magic Step Shoes were real shoes that you could open with a key and store things inside.

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We do wonder what the X-Ray machines at international Airports made of young girls hiding special trinkets inside their footwear!

3. Door Plaques

Who remembers owning this particular brand of bedroom door plaque? And if not, what message did you have displayed on your door?

4. Fashion Wheel

Making us really believe that we were a famous fashion designer, Fashion Wheel was a great piece of kit that had us designing supermodel worthy outfits in a matter of minutes!

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5. Glo Worms

Was there a more delightful toy to snuggle up to at bedtime than a Glo Worm? And not only that, but their heads lighting up meant that we could also read our favourite book long after our parents had turned the lights out!

6. Keypers

Whoever came up with the idea of a toy that would also double as place to lock away all our little trinkets should receive a knighthood.

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Keypers were beautiful and useful, and do you remember that they also came accompanied with a strange little creature?

7. My Little Pony Lunch Boxes

Don’t get us wrong, back in the 1980s you could purchase lunchboxes adorned with a variety of TV show characters, but there was just something about the My Little Pony one that gives us lovely nostalgic butterflies in our tummy!

8. Polly Pocket

We spent many hours acting out the life of tiny Polly Pocket in her tiny house, but we’re pretty sure that we managed to lose her about a month after she was given to us.

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Which is hardly surprising is it?

9. Rainbow Heart Rubbers

If we had to pick one item of school stationary that we remember above all the others then it’s got to be the rainbow heart rubber, but we know that many of you preferred 3D Rulers, Troll Pencil Toppers or Multi-Coloured Biros. Which was your favourite?

10. Sindy’s Wardrobe

Sindy’s beautiful and glamorous wardrobe was sought after by many an 80s girl, but seeing as it didn’t come cheap, we suspect there was only a handful of us that actually managed to acquire one!

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Did you have one?

11. Smash Hits Magazine

Smash Hits was an massive part of our life growing up, and it ran for nearly 2 decades between 1978 and 2006. We remember being obsessed with it in the late 80s and early 90s in the era of Kylie, Jason, Bros and New Kids on the Block. Who was your favourite cover star?

12. Skip-It

There weren’t many toys that were extremely fun and also kept us fit, but Skip-It was a rare example. Apparently the World Record for the number of Skip-It revolutions is 1256.

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We reckon we could do about 100, how about you?

13. Sweet Secrets

We bet you’ve forgotten about Sweet Secrets! Did you own one? They were beautiful dolls that transformed into jewelry and makeup, and they were absolutely brilliant!

14. Wade Animal Figurines

The lovely and adorable Wade animal figurines were perfect both for animal lovers and for those of us that loved collecting things.

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We remember the Blue Whale like we saw it yesterday, but we also owned many others. How about you?

If you have enjoyed reading this post, please do spread some lovely, warm, nostalgic memories to your fellow 80s girls by sharing it with them!