14 Hidden Facts About ‘Grease’ That You Won’t Believe!

Grease has certainly stood the test of time. We will continue to watch it over and over and yet, we still don’t know all of the details that went on behind the scenes.  However, this list below will let you in on some of them that are hard to believe.  Take a look:

1. Elvis was offered a role.

But he decided to turn it down.  Frankie Avalon played the role instead.

2. Carrie Fisher was considered for the role of ‘Sandy’.

This lady was already really popular but the director didn’t think that she looked like a ‘Sandy’.

3. Any Coca-Cola branding was blurred out.

In the beginning, Coca-Cola was in but in the later stages of shooting, they backed out and so their branding was edited in the final cut of the film.

4. ‘Grease’ was supposed to be an animated film.

That’s probably why the beginning is so good!

5. It didn’t take long to shoot this last scene.

This is one of the most memorable scenes of this film and yet it was so easy to do!

6. This drag racing scene made everyone sick.

The stagnant water was contaminated with bacteria.

7. Elvis died on the day they shot this scene.

‘Look at Me I’m Sandra Dee’ was in the process of shooting when Elvis died.

8. None of them were teenagers in high school.

Their ages ranged from 19-33 years old!

9. Olivia Newton-John almost didn’t play the role of ‘Sandy’.

She thought that she looked too old.

10. Guys don’t hug.

When Danny and Kenickie share a hug, Jeff Conaway (Kenickie) decided that they should act as if the moment never happened by combing their hair immediately afterwards.  It was genius!

11. The role of ‘Danny’ was initially offered to Henry Winkler.

Thankfully, he turned it down so that we could have John Travolta.

12. Her clothes were stitched on and cut off.

Every day for an entire week  she was stitched into and then cut out of her suit.

13. John Travolta was a huge fan of Olivia Newton John.

When he found out that he would be playing opposite her, he was estatic!

14. Real hickeys.

Rizzo’s hickeys were real and Jeff Conaway put them there!