13 Things You’ll Remember If You Were At School In The 1980s

Going to school had its ups and downs but for the most part we made it as bearable as possible. Here are some things that will bring you back to those days and induce some serious nostalgia.

1. School uniform modifications.

Who else tucked their tie into their shirt?

2. Odd fluorescent socks and leg warmers.

These we’re the dogs bo***cks.

3. Tom Cruise as a heartthrob.


4. Jimmy Hill’s chin.

Jaw made of stone.

5. Making naughty words on the calculator.

55378008 was my favourite.

6. Replays of comedy shows in the classroom

Who else had their own little comedy show?

7. Grolsch bottle tops on shoes.

Can remember rocking the Grolsch bottle tops in #Trendsetter

8. Smelly rubber.

These smelt so good!

9. Big hair.

The amount of hairspray that was bought in the 80’s must of been ridiculous.

10. Musical tribes.

Rock on.

Who was your favourite band?

11. Sports bags over shoulders.

My daily gym bag.

12. These things.

I used to love making these in class.

13. Grange Hill.

Favourite TV show. PS, I want what he’s eating.