Dick Tracy was a good-fun action film that was almost like an old-school comic book had been brought to life, with imaginative characters, big set-pieces and some seriously over the top acting from some of its stars – we’re looking at you, Pacino! Let’s take a look back at this enjoyable movie with some facts about Dick Tracy you probably never knew…

1. One big star was offered a role

The role of Lips Manlis was initially offered to Gene Hackman before it was finally cast to Paul Sorvino who appeared as the character in the final film.

2. Hackman refused to appear in the film

After his experience working with Warren Beatty on Reds, Gene Hackman refused to work with the director again which led to him declining the role of Lips Manlis!

3. One actor had to make a choice

The role of The Kid was originally offered to Macaulay Culkin, who had to choose between this and another project titled “Home Alone” – he chose the latter!

4. The original cut was a lot longer

The first cut of the film was two hours and fifteen minutes long, but Disney insisted the film be trimmed prior to release leading to Warren Beatty cutting it to the 1 hour 45 minute version that was released in cinemas.

5. There is an omen for some of the characters

Just before 5 villains are killed at a poker game, the Brow has a hand consisting of two pair, Aces and Eights, also known as dead-man’s hand, so there was definitely an omen of what then followed!

6. One star suffered for his role

To play the part of Mumbles, Dustin Hoffman wore a bald cap and a wig, a rubber chin, rubber eyelids and rubber lips meaning he spent a long time in the make-up chair before filming!

7. Warren Beatty had a choice to make

When offered the chance to star in and direct Dick Tracy, Warren Beatty also had the chance to star in the adaptation of the Stephen King novel, Misery, but he chose this action-packed comic film instead.

8. There were lots of characters from the comics

During the course of the movie, 21 villains from the original comics appear including Pruneface, Little Face, The Brow, The Rodent, Lips Manliss and Big Boy Caprice.

9. Using lots of characters was deliberate

Warren Beatty wanted to use lots of different characters as he was a big fan of the original comics and wanted to get as many on screen as he could in case there wasn’t a sequel.

10. One actor saw more than he expected

During rehearsals, Al Pacino has stated that Madonna flashed him showing that she was naked underneath her coat, he has even said if anyone catches him smiling in his old age then he’s recalling this incident!

11. Disney refused to release the film

Dick Tracy was originally set to be released by Disney, but after they deemed it too racy for their brand, they released in under their Touchstone Pictures label instead.

12. The film was a hit for Beatty

Warren Beatty starred in some very successful films over the years, including the likes of Bonnie and Clyde, but Dick Tracy was the most successful film he ever starred in.

13. Several big names fought for one role

The character of Breathless Mahoney was given to Madonna, but not before she had to beat other big names to the role, including Kim Basinger, Michelle Pfeiffer and Sharon Stone!

Were you a fan of Dick Tracy when you grew up? How does the film compare to modern comic-book adaptations? Is it a film that is still enjoyable today, or has it dated horribly since its release? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments as always!